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CVN Blockchain
CVN Blockchain
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3 min readApr 13, 2021


Technological Progress

Till Apr. 11, the development of the mainchain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted 50 times, with the main optimization of data structure and clarification of data storage relationship logic.
  2. The document merging process and document verification process have been improved.
  3. The contract code update and contract data analysis have been completed.
  4. The transaction record on the block browser has been updated.

Project Activities

1.CVNT is expected to start the super validator node election at the end of April. After the election, it will start super node mining and hardware mining machine storage mining.

The mainnet will be upgraded simultaneously, and the CVNT public chain will be used as the public chain of the Ethereum layer 2. The VRF mainnet superimposes PoST space-time proof decentralized storage, and jointly builds an IPFS storage ecosystem. At the same time, the PoST space-time proof algorithm of the CVN mainnet will support the IPFS protocol. There will be a total of 201 super nodes in the main network, of which 1/3 will be selected as super nodes for accounting each time a block is generated, and the remaining 2/3 will be used as validator nodes for verification.

2. On April 8, the DEX platform project BXH, which was invested and incubated by Neo Wang, the managing partner of the CVN Foundation, conducted an AMA event on the Deep Chain Finance platform. Biki founder Winter and IDC Capital founder Wesley, who are also BXH investors, participated in this event. Please check this link for more details:

3. With the influx of more and more users gradually becoming crowded in the blockchain ecology, this dynamic change puts forward new requirements for the technical architecture. As the core part of the CVN technology upgrade, the hierarchical blockchain ecology effectively alleviates the problem of ecological congestion. The entire system is divided into two levels: the settlement layer (CSL) and the calculation layer (CCL), which solve the problems of currency and smart contracts respectively. For the settlement layer, the problems encountered in digital currency transactions can be upgraded and replaced through soft forks. For the computing layer, targeted expansion and improvement can be made according to the operational requirements of DAPPS.

4. As a one-stop decentralized platform, CVN has always been committed to seeking innovative solutions for the development of blockchain, and putting forward new ideas in the operation of storage clouds and traditional financial industries. CVN adopts a fast and slow dual-chain parallel working mechanism, and selects the working mode of miners according to the content and priority of the generated data blocks.Through the dual-chain structure and the two underlying technologies, the superior GPS of CVN has reached 30,000 per second, with a theoretical peak of 100,000. It not only has sufficient storage capacity, thus realizes a privatized data storage, but also greatly improve the on-chain storage capacity, reading efficiency, and security of the personal data. It provides technical premises for the decentralized ecology of the CVN which is based on storage and mining.

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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