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CVN Blockchain
CVN Blockchain
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2 min readApr 21, 2021


Technological Progress

Till Apr. 18, the development of the mainchain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted 30 times, with the main increase of the data governance process.
  2. The manager of storage node have been completed.
  3. The design of chain governance architecture have been completed.
  4. The transaction record on the block browser has been updated.

Project Activities

1. The blockchain project BXH incubated by CVN is about to start the Global Ambassador Program. BXH puts community opinions first. The plan aims to discover high-quality users through online activities, competitions and other forms, and maximize the role of the community. While promoting and improving the further development of BXH, it also strengthens communication and contact with users. And bring more vitality to the community.

2. The blockchain project BXH incubated by CVN will soon launch the BigBang combustion mining function. Using the BXH burning and destruction model to obtain high-quality project tokens can make BXH possess deflationary attributes, and it also allows community users to get more early opportunities to participate in high-quality new projects.

3. In order to solve the problem of blockchain server congestion, CVN creatively adopts a four-layer technical architecture namely the basic technical layer, the consensus layer, the protocol layer and the application layer. Among them, the basic technical layer includes CVN, fast-slow dual chain, shard, layering, LeveLDB, StateTrie tree and blockchain IOT gateway; the consensus layer mainly covers consensus management, VRF, PoST and PBFT; the protocol layer supports multi language supported smart contract virtual machine, new version of solid contract, CRC20, CRC721 contract application, CRC81 stable currency issuing instruction, Bip44 protocol, digital identity, transaction processing, asynchronous communication, data input and output protocol; and the application layer supports decentralized storage cloud, development platform, Buffle test framework,CVN.js and others in SDK development framework, chrome plug-in wallet, blockchain browser, add / destroy standard interface, PC-WEB side offline transaction and signature interface, and database management / operation / query components. The layout of the four-tier technical architecture effectively reduces server congestion and effectively improves the user experience while ensuring product safety.

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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