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CVN Weekly Report_Feb_the second week_2021

Technological Progress

It was the Chinese Spring Festival this week, the technical team was taking the most important vacation of the year. More work progress will be shown after the holiday.

Project Activities

This week BICC.Pro continued to launch hot currencies, including ANKR, BNTT, COMP, ZRX, and opened USDT exchange pairs. BICC will continue to pay attention to the market and select high-quality project assets to go online to facilitate all users’ investment. For more details:

On the Chinese Spring Festival on February 11, CVNT, BICC and Defiking jointly sent blessings to all the overseas and Chinese users, and wish all ecological partners, users and communities good luck in the Year of the Ox in 2021.

On February 13, CVN released its outlook for the Year of the Ox, which listed and introduced CVN’s value ecosystem, innovation, prosperity, fortunes in multiple aspects, entertainment, e-commerce and CVN crypto. CVN is based on blockchain technology, with storage as the core, to build a decentralized cloud, provide a new generation of cloud storage services, and build CVN conscious value ecology through DAPPs developed on the value network, which can meet the needs of all. For more progress of CVN:

On February 14th, CVNT, BICC, Defiking wished everyone a happy Valentine’s Day and shared a good time.

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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