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CVN Weekly Report_Jan_the fourth week

Technological Progress

Till Jan. 24, the development of the mainchain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted 30 times, with the main accomplishments of the authorization verification.
  2. The authorization process query has been completed.
  3. RR dVod video project authorization interface docking has been completed.
  4. The transaction record on the block browser has been updated.

Till Jan. 24, the development of RR dVod is below:


  1. The encoding of upload tool function has been completed.
  2. The docking of center service video information interface has been completed.
  3. The service interface of the uploaded on-chain is being debugged jointly.


  1. The download porting and debugging have been completed.
  2. The purchase process has been completed and debugged jointly.
  3. The details are continued to refine and the preliminary version is being prepared.


  1. The process of purchase verification has been improved.

Project Activities

1. Starting from January 11th, CVN began to hold CVNT mining AMA in various local communities to answer questions about CVNT mining for users in various countries. The overall schedule of AMA is as follows:

Up to now, 8 AMAs have been successfully held in various CVN communities to share CVN development and CVNT mining project with users. The last CVNT AMA will be held in the Philippines community on January 28. Welcome to join.

A total of 3 AMAs were successfully held in different CVN communities this week. The details are as follows:

On January 18, AMA was successfully held in the CVN Turkish community. For more details:

On January 20, AMA was successfully held in the CVN Indonesian community. For more details:

2. On January 21, AMA was successfully held in the CVN Spanish community.

In order to thank all the users for your support of CVNT mining, CVN launched a step-by-step tutorial on CVNT mining on January 23, which will help users play CVNT wallets more conveniently. Please see the specific tutorial below:

Project operation

This week, BICC.Pro launched multiple ETP leveraged tokens, which can amplify returns in the unilateral market and have lower risks than contracts.

Information about the listing of ETP exchange pairs:

Detailed introduction and risk warning about ETP token:

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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