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CVN Weekly Report_Jan_the last week

Technological Progress

Till Jan. 31, the development of the mainchain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted 30 times, with the main accomplishments of the zero-knowledge proof algorithm.
  2. The integrity verification of files on the chain has been completed.
  3. The automatic recovery of file fragmentation has been completed.
  4. The transaction record on the block browser has been updated.

Till Jan. 31, the development of RR dVod is below:


  1. The test of the upload tool function has been completed.
  2. The information and call of video resources have been improved.
  3. The test of the upload server has been completed.


  1. The test of download and purchase process has been completed.
  2. The details are continued to refine and the preliminary version is being prepared.


  1. The test of the purchase process has been completed.
  2. The test of stress has been completed.

Project Activities

Starting from January 11th, CVN began to hold CVNT mining AMA in various local communities to answer questions about CVNT mining for users in various countries. The overall schedule of AMA is as follows:

Up to now, a total of 9 AMAs have been successfully held in various CVN communities to share CVN development and CVNT mining project with users.

This week, an AMA was successfully held in CVN Philipino community. For more details:

Project operation

This week BICC.Pro continued to launch hot currencies, including CRV, SNX, UNI, AAVE, BAL, SUSHI, UMA, and opened USDT exchange pairs. BICC will continue to pay attention to the market and select high-quality project assets to go online to facilitate all users’ investment. For more details:

BICC.Pro will launch $NEB on February 1, and open the NEB/USDT exchange pair. NEB is the token of the NEBlockChain project. The NEBlockChain builds an alliance blockchain by linking electric vehicle time-sharing operators, charging pile operators, parking lots, and distributed new energy, improving the distrust problem in the charging and use of new energy vehicles with the use of the technical characteristics of the blockchain that cannot be tampered with. For details of the above currencies:

In the CVNT community’s influential celebrity selection, a total of 12 community celebrities have won the prizes. Congratulations to each of them for getting two CVNT S1 mining machines for free. In the future, there will be more community activities to reward community members who have made outstanding contributions.

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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