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CVN Weekly Report_Jan_the third week

Technological Progress

Till Jan. 17, the development of the mainchain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted 30 times, with the main accomplishments of the authorization verification.
  2. The authorization process query has been completed.
  3. RR dVod video project authorization interface docking has been completed.
  4. The transaction record on the block browser has been updated.

Till Jan. 17, the development of RR dVod is below:


  1. The encoding of upload tool function is being continued.
  2. The docking of center service video information interface has been started.
  3. The adjustment of the client details page structure and the repair of login errors have been completed.


  1. The compilation of the downloaded library has been completed and got prepared for integration testing with the upper layer


  1. Video purchase and transaction completion verification have been completed.
  2. The file purchase status interface has been added.

Project Activities

Starting from January 11th, CVN began to hold CVNT mining AMA in various local communities to answer questions about CVNT mining for users in various countries. The overall schedule of AMA is as follows:

A total of 5 AMAs were successfully held in different communities this week. The details are as follows:

On January 11, AMA was successfully held in the CVN main community. For more details:

On January 12, AMA was successfully held in the CVN Vietnam community. For more details:

On January 13th, AMA was successfully held in the CVN Russian community. For more details:

On January 15th, AMA was successfully held in the CVN Korean community. For more details:마이닝-ama-내용-정리-6c51eb17676c

On January 16th, AMA was successfully held in the CVN Arab community.

Project operation

1.On January 11, CVN grandly launched the “CVNT Hundred Experience Officer Activity”, looking for super experience officers around the world to give CVNT experience rewards. CVNT is based on computational mining, which is the most important factor in determining the revenue of mining. Registration will be free to get 10 10 Hash Rate, and there are multiple benefits such as computing power mining earnings, mining pool rewards and referring rewards. In order to make CVNT users feel at ease and enjoy the experience, CVN provides $1100 to thank the experience officers for their support and love to CVNT. The activity is still going on, looking forward to your sincere participation. For more details:

2. On January 11, CVN shared the article “The open value world: RR qVod will boom soon!

“ published by MarketWatch, showing that under the attack of many popular public chain projects, CVNT Consensus Value Network has caught up with the rapid broadcast of RR qVod, which is a superclass application and ignites public opinion in the industry.

RR qVod is a decentralized innovative video network system deployed on the CVNT Consensus Value Network. The product system covers three functional sectors: video content player/distribution/search, high-quality content investment, and distributed DSN. Its feature is that it completely shifts the “capital” accumulated in 16 years of YYeTs, the original Internet project, including 2000 Million active users and data pool, and based on this to create an “open value world”.

This “open value world” is exactly the siphon effect formed at the beginning of the launch of RR qVod, which is different from the traditional video products and other distributed video competitors. The specific performance is the distribution revolution, sharing network, and ecosystem. For more:

3. On January 14, CVN shared another article “CVNT is about to set off a bull market carnival — Through the transformation of 20 million users of RR dVod” published by MarketWatch, stating that with the application RR dVod coming online soon, it has transformed the “capital” accumulated in 16 years of YYeTs, the original Internet project, including 20 million active users and data pools, tens of thousands of part-time translators from all over the world and nearly 100000 translation lovers. The overall development progress of CVNT awareness value network is relatively optimistic, and the future has become more and more clear. Many institutional investors regard CVNT as a rare opportunity and focus on its position.

In the final analysis, the projects of the industry are the competition of capital. For ordinary people, opportunities only appear in the earliest stage, only when a large number of funds do not enter the market in batches.

The CVNT storage mining and RR dVod content distribution mining, which will be started soon, are likely to give birth to a number of newly rich people in the industry.

Please see more details:

4. This week, BICC.Pro launched ACH and eCell, opening ACH/USDT and eCell/USDT exchange pairs respectively. For currency introduction and information, please click the announcement:

5. This week, BICC.Pro added a series of popular currency exchange pairs, including BCH, ADA, ZEC, ATOM and ARPA, facilitating users to better trade hot assets in BICC.Pro.

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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