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CVN Blockchain
CVN Blockchain
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4 min readMar 30, 2021


Technological Progress

Till March 28, the development of the main chain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted 40 times, with the main optimization of file upload and download interface;
  2. The authorization contract and authorization circulation security audit have been completed;
  3. The code review has been completed;
  4. The transaction record on the block browser has been updated;

Project Activities/ Ecology Construction

1. On March 23, CVNT held an AMA event with BLock Talks community. Founder of CVN, Neo Wang, was invited to participate and gave meticulous answers to the hot issues of CVNT that everyone was concerned about, and put forward the future concept of CVNT development. Neo Wang stated that CVNT will always continue to improve the existing blockchain issues and continue to move towards real decentralization. CVNT is committed to solving the problems of low performance, poor security, high development difficulty, and excessive reliance on gas fees for existing blockchain applications. CVNT is also committed to the performance scaling and decentralized storage of distributed applications, creating a value network of distributed storage and video (content) transmission consisting of multiple user nodes. Compared with other projects, strong financial strength guarantees the risk tolerance and project reputation of the CVNT project, and promotes the expansion of the ecosystem, technology upgrades, application platform innovation, and the development of decentralized applications. In addition, CVNT pioneered the VRF+DAO consensus algorithm, which combined the community governance of DAO and the consensus of chain forming mechanism to solve the risk of high decentralization of most public chains in the market. For more details:

2. Recently, various media have conducted in-depth analysis of CVNT and elaborated on the topic of “Broad development prospects and major changes of CVNT: leveraging blockchain Web 3.0 with large-scale business”. With the gradual transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0, the number of users and throughput on the chain will inevitably expand exponentially in the future. The mission of the public chain in the new era is to prepare for the explosive growth of on-chain activities and provide more powerful underlying support. Based on this, Wang Xiaobin, the leader of the CVNT project, mentioned the three key points of the future development of the blockchain: real decentralization; decentralized storage and the landing of the ecological scene application platform. For a long time, the innovation and development of CVNT never deviated from its purpose of “creating a blockchain Web3.0 public chain”. VRF+DAO governance makes the upgraded CVNT truly decentralized, and the decentralized data storage of CVNT has also reached a holy grail level with unlimited innovation in the infinite scalability and value capture of upgraded CVNT. In terms of the landing of the ecological scene application platform, ecological scene application platform of CVNT can provide efficient services for decentralized financial applications. The vast decentralized storage cloud market space coupled with the landing of the ecological scene application platform has created good conditions for the CVNT dynamism.

3. “CVNT White Paper 4.0” will be released soon. The CVNT is a Web3.0 paradigm public chain, with a new positioning of decentralized storage + BaaS operating system + ecological scenario application platform, adopting the original VRF consensus main chain + DAO governance, and expanding the maximum number of nodes to 2100, achieve the largest degree of decentralization. In addition, the PoSt consensus is superimposed, which can support the traditional HTTP interface and the IPFS file transfer protocol at the same time. CVNT has designed a new decentralized mining model that supports four forms of hardware mining, computing power mining, cloud mining pool, and third-party mining. Among them, the hardware mining machine of CVNT storage space mining can simultaneously support the mining of Filecoin’s FIL and CVNT certificates. The current decentralized applications of the ecological scene application platform include: storage cloud, lifecloud video content distribution platform, player, and privacy data storage management system Lifecloud_DID. As the underlying facility of the blockchain Web3.0 world, CVNT can provide stable mainnet, technical support and developer tools for DAPP and more decentralized application developers on the ecological scene application platform to achieve real decentralization and a revolutionary subversion of Web2.0.

4. Last week, CVNT officially connected to the DEFI platform which is based on the Huobi eco chain (Heco) and opened CVNT/USDT liquidity pool at the same time. Up to now, the annualized return of mining is 1135%. Before withdrawing CVNT to BXH, users need to contact CVNT official customer service to convert their CVNT tokens into Heco chain tokens. Do not transfer CVNT tokens of CVN main chain to BXH directly, otherwise it may cause asset loss.

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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