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CVN Blockchain
CVN Blockchain
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4 min readMar 23, 2021


Technological Progress

Till Mar. 21, the development of the mainchain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted 30 times, with the main optimization of file upload and download interface;
  2. The authorization contract and authorization transfer interface have been improved.
  3. The space cost calculation interface has been completed.
  4. The browser contract analysis and data statistics interface have been completed.
  5. The transaction record on the block browser has been updated.

Project Activities

1.CVNT has been listed on Huobi and Matcha Exchange. The upgraded CVNT pioneered the VRF+DAO consensus algorithm, opening the era of Web3.0. The VRF consensus algorithm originally developed by CVNT extends the maximum number of nodes to 2100. The VRF-based random function not only ensures the fairness of the block-producing nodes during operation, but also enables the system to defend itself when it is attacked by malicious networks which provide users with a huge security guarantee.

On this basis, the addition of DAO contract governance enables CVNT to truly implement the entire project in a decentralized manner. All project-related decisions will be jointly decided by the community, and will not be affected by any centralized organization or individual, and there is no need for any centralized organization or individual to carry out the trust endorsement of the project. CVNT creatively designed the two-half private key mechanism. The core management team members of each community only own half of the non-hidden private keys, and the other half of the hidden private keys are generated by the DAO contract and strictly monitored to ensure that the core code is not copied. The cooperation of the DAO mechanism makes CVNT truly decentralized.

2.On the basis of achieving decentralization, as an important underlying support, CVNT also has major innovations in the design of the main chain. The underlying public chain of CVNT is also a distributed storage platform, and an economic model based on state storage has been formed based on this. On the one hand, as a leading smart contract platform、BaaS developer tool and application platform, CVNT has sustainable token premium capabilities through solutions such as better interoperability, two-tier cross-chain, self-sustained decentralized applications, etc.; on the other hand, CVNT native tokens are designed to represent the rights and interests that occupy the storage space of the state for a duration. Its practicality is mainly similar to that of land as a storage platform, and it also has functions of currency (transfer value) and fuel (payment calculation). The ecological prosperity of a piece of land will affect the value of the land itself, and it will be the same for the CVNT token system. This will be the latest way to achieve value capture in the blockchain Web3.0 era. CVNT is committed to making the most distributed, safest and largest-scale network.

3.In addition to the need to achieve decentralization and efficient public chain foundation, the development of Web3.0 also puts forward higher requirements for decentralized storage. CVNT’s decentralized storage can support both the HTTP file transfer interface and the IPFS file transfer protocol. The brand-new CVNT represents the occupation of the global storage state space, and has more independence and autonomy. As a decentralized consensus “organization” led by more community leaders and high-quality nodes, DAO can truly identify decisions and directions that are conducive to project development. All members of the DAO community core management team will be aware of all changes related to the project process, including technology upgrades, application platform updates, application development, etc. For investors, community governance undoubtedly allows CVNT to have a completely fair and transparent issuance environment which greatly reduces investment risks. Through the perfect interpretation of DAO, CVNT realizes management and autonomy on chain, and strives to enable every community user to participate in financial projects on an equal basis. CVNT promotes the prosperity of the ecology by stimulating the endogenous power of the community, so that the blockchain can truly benefit the people.

4.After the completion of the CVNT mainnet mapping switch, Bicc.Pro has canceled the DAO community’s transaction authorization restrictions on CVNT to improve the user’s transaction experience. For more details:

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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