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CVN Weekly Report_Nov_the first week

Techological Progress

Till Nov. 7, the development of mainchain is below:

Project Activites

1. Since September 30th, Defiking started hosting AMA in the local communities every Wednesday to answer the project questions about the Defiking for users from all countries and regions. The overall schedule of the AMA is as follows. Looking forward to your participation in the incoming weeks.

This week, weekly AMA was hosted in Arabic community.

Please see the recaps below:

Project Progress

1. On November 3th, CWV founder NeoWang participated in the online AMA hosted by DeFi community at 7:00. Neo shared the views on the theme of “Who will be the new engine in DeFi future”. He also introduced and reviewed the DefiKing decentralized financial platform in detail, and analyzed the development of DeFi market in the future. Please see the details below:

2. Activity forecast: On November 12, CWV Foundation will hold CVN Ecological Conference in Chongqing, China. CVN users will be invited to communicate with the nodes on site about CVN ecological construction and future development. Please pay attention and participate actively.

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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