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CVN Weekly Report_Nov_the second week

Technological Progress

Till Nov. 14, the development of mainchain is below:

  1. Block height: over 58.7 million.
  2. Code has been submitted for 60 times, with the main update of multimedia streaming file test.
  3. Stream file upload and download has been updated.
  4. Allocation management and early warning of node storage space was managed.
  5. Transaction analysis and storage monitoring in block explorer has been updated.

Till Nov. 14, the development of RR dVod is below:


  1. Elasticsearch integration and file search interface has been completed.
  2. User login, wallet address binding and unbinding interface has been updated.


  1. The construction of the mobile terminal program framework has been completed.
  2. The file search box page has been completed.


  1. The standard http endpoint resuming download module has been completed.
  2. The movie details page has been completed.
  3. The list of purchased movies and commission list has been completed.

UI design:

  1. All page designs on the PC side have been completed.
  2. Most of the mobile page design has been completed.

Project Activites

Since September 30th, Defiking started hosting AMA in the local communities every Wednesday to answer the project questions about the Defiking for users from all countries and regions. The overall schedule of the AMA is as follows. Looking forward to your participation in the incoming week.

This week, weekly AMA was hosted in Turkish community.

Please see the recaps below:

Project Progress

1. On November 9, CVN released an article titled “CVN: Born for Immortal Consciousness in the Disordered Universe.” on twitter, introducing technologies underlying CVN, CVN updates, comparison between CVN and Filecoin and vision of CVN in detail. For more details:

2. On November 12, CWV hosted CVN Ecosystem Conference in Chongqing, hundreds of users in CVN community and core fans shared and discussed the CVN ecological development and application value with CVN team. Leaders from CVN team also shared CVN past and future plan, as well as the ecological value in the blockchain 3.0 era. Please see the details below:

3. On November 13, CVN released an article called “RR dVod: The ‘Singularity‘ of CVN Conscious Value Era.” on Twitter. It is proposed that RR dVod 1.0 will be released next year, with many innovative functions like content payment, sharing reward and encrypted play.

Please see the details below:

4. On November 14, an article about CVN was selected for Hackernoon, which describs the acquisition of YYeTs by CWV Foundation. Please see the details below:

5. On November 15, Defiking released an article called “Preparing the new wave of DEFI with Defiking protocol.” on Twitter. It includes how Defiking is building the next generation of DeFi network and how to empower developers to build DeFi applications more conveniently. For more details:

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

Welcome to connect with us







Conscious Value Network

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CVN Blockchain

CVN Blockchain

Conscious Value Network

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