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CVN Weekly Report_Nov_the third week

Techological Progress

Till Nov. 21, the development of mainchain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted for 30 times, with the main update of linking and retrieving multiple versions of files.
  2. File tracking management and permission management have been updated.
  3. Insufficient node storage space was solved and data exception processing was managed.
  4. The data in blockchain browser has been updated.

Till Nov. 21, the development of RR dVod is below:


  1. The movie search interface and file interface have been improved, and communication with the client has been completed.


  1. The movie search page and connection to the server have been completed.
  2. The movie list, filter page and connection to the server have been completed.
  3. The layout of file list page has been completed.


  1. The errors of UI interface style have been resolved.
  2. The back-end service data interface has been debugged.
  3. The search results page has been implemented.
  4. The multi-task download scheduling mechanism has been improved.

UI design:

  1. The mobile terminal design has been completed.

Project Activites

Since September 30th, Defiking had started hosting AMA in the local communities every Wednesday to answer the project questions about the Defiking for users from all countries and regions. The overall schedule of the AMA is as follows. Until this week, the AMA event has been successfully concluded. Thank you for your continuous attention and support. Defiking will launch more interactive activities in the future. Looking forward to your participation!

This week, weekly AMA was hosted in Spanish community.

Please see the recaps below:

Project Progress

On November 18, CWV founder NeoWang attended HyperDAO AMA. And there was a deep communication based on the theme of “DeFi project is getting weaker, what kind of DeFi project can survive?”. Neo Wang analyzed the current situation and opportunity of DeFi market in the communication, and demonstrated the DeFi market with Defiking as an example. For more details:

This week, Golden Finance conducted an exclusive interview with CWV founder NeoWang. During the interview, NeoWang mainly discussed how CVN and RR dVod will be the dark horse, breaking the monopoly of centralized content platforms, and becoming the first decentralized content and storage platform with millions of users and usage scenarios.

Please see the details below:

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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