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CVN Weekly Report_Oct_the last week

Techological Progress

Till Nov. 1, the development of mainchain is below:

  1. Block height: over 58.2 million.
  2. Code has been submitted for 40 times, with the main update of pressure verification of node processing speed.
  3. File recovery verification has been updated.
  4. Expanding management of node storage space was managed.
  5. Transaction records in block explorer has been updated.

Project Activites

1. Since September 30th, Defiking started hosting AMA in the local communities every Wednesday to answer the project questions about the Defiking for users from all countries and regions. The overall schedule of the AMA is as follows. Looking forward to your participation in the incoming weeks.

2. This week, weekly AMA was hosted in Russian community.

Please see the recaps below:

3. CVN held an AMA in the community at 10 pm on October 30th. The founder of CWV NeoWang revealed more about the potential value of CVN and other projects for users. Please see the details below:

Project Progress

1. On October 27th, CVN officially released the live broadcast of CWV founder NeoWang on Twitter. The article elaborated on NeoWang’s unique insights on the core technology of CVN and the future development of the blockchain based on the existing technology. Please view the content through the link below to learn more about CVN as future storage system.

2. On October 28th, CVN held a press conference. Both CWV founder NeoWang and YYeTs founder Sige attended the conference. RR dVod and CVNT Decentralized Storage Mining Pool were introduced at the meeting. For more details:

3. On October 28th, CWV founder NeoWang was invited to participate in the online live broadcast of for its 4th anniversary. NeoWang shared relevant contents about RR dVod and the main chain of CVN in the community.

4. On October 30th, CWV founder NeoWang was invited to participate in the Deep Chain Finance AMA event, sharing the technical features and advantages of CVN main chain, as well as the product planning and future vision of RR dVod product in community. Please see the details below:

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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