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CVNT Mining Manual

Thank you very much for your support for CVNT mining. To facilitate your operation, we now provide you with a step-by-step tutorial.

1. Register a miner ID, which supports e-mail / mobile phone number.

*Please use the invitation code 81259338

You can also set the language in the upper right corner.

2. After completing the registration, you can get a CVNT wallet address. Click the button in the upper left corner to view the CVNT wallet.

CVNT mining needs CVNT token to buy computing power. At present, CVNT needs to purchase through BICC Pro and Huobi. And then withdraw the coin to CVNT Wallet.

3. Next you can choose to buy computing power directly or create a mining pool. (If you choose to buy computing power to participate in other mining pools, you will lose the chance to activate a mining pool.)

Every miner who has bought the computing power could get it, which is expected to achieve a maximum annualized return of 100%.

Computing power: CVNT=1:1

Minimum purchase of computing power: 10

Validity:365 days

At present, it only supports purchase with CVNT currency, the computing power will automatically expire after validity.

4. Any miner who has not joined any mining pool is able to create a new mining pool and receive rewards for the mining owner. One UID could only create one mining pool.

When you become the owner of a mining pool, youcould receive rewards for any miners’ generation who joins his mining pool:

1>Mining earnings with maximum annualized return of 100%, outputting daily;

2>New computing power rewards: liquidate weekly, with a 2% reward for the total new computing power of the week, covering the 365-day mining validity;

Requirement for creating a mining pool:activating 1 million computing power.

Setting a pool name:the name should be unique and contains less than 12 characters;

Validity for a pool: 365 days, automatically expires after the validity and could be reactivated.

5. Then 10 free computing power could be activated by either purchasing power directly or creating a new mining pool. Click “To be activated” to get 10 free computing power.

6. With the computing power, you can now start mining (CVNT), which automatically outputs daily, and the return goes directly to your wallet. You can check your mining output in the following parts:

7. Any miner can invite your friends to participate in CVNT mining.

Any miner who invites a new miner to complete registration and purchase computing power will receive a reward:

-a 2% reward for the daily mining earnings of the first-level friend

-a 1% reward for the daily mining earnings of the second-level friend.

8. Participate in the “100 Lucky Experience Officers for CVNT” program and win $1100 rewards.

*Any questions please refer to @CVN_Blockchain or consult CVN communities.







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CVN Blockchain

CVN Blockchain

Conscious Value Network

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