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CWV 2.0 Weekly Report(July 2020 4th Issue)

It has been a very productive week as always at CWV. In this weekly-report, we have updated from technical progress and marketing events.

1. Technical Progress

As of July 31, the development of the main chain is as follows:
1. Block height: more than 50.8 million.
2. CWV2.0 runtime is under intensive testing this week, and it is planned to be launched in mid August.
3. The main chain code has been submitted for about 30 times. The main changes are: storage structure optimization, account model optimization, zero knowledge proof, Huawei Kunpeng optimization support, etc.
4. The design draft of the new version of block browser has been completed, and the development progress is 60%.

2. Project Activities

1. On July 23, CWV, together with Alpaca finance and economics, held [Breaking Technical Barriers, CWV2.0 Shining Public Chain Track! ] online AMA. Wang Xiaobin, managing partner of CWV foundation, had a text online question and answer with the host. Please click here for the details of the interview:

2. On July 27th, CWV jointly organized to hold [ How CWV Is Superior to Others, in The Public Chain’s Advance And Retreat]]online AMA with Tuoniaox blockchain by Tiktok Live. Xiaobin Wang, the partner of CWV foundation, and the host discussed the future development of CWV public chain and their views on the dispute over the main chain through video connection mode. Please click here for details of the interview:

3. From August 3 to 9, 2020, the Great Bay Area Blockchain Week hosted by the international authoritative blockchain media COINTELEGRAPH, will be held in Shenzhen.
CWV as the joint naming partners of the event, will attend relevant activities, participate in the round table forum held in the main venue of the event on August 6, and give keynote speeches on how CWV can make the next generation public chain. Please pay attention to the follow-up details of the conference.

4. The article “CWV2.0 officially released: defining the new dimension of public chain and how CWV leads blockchain 3.0” was officially released, which was translated into Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc., and widely spread in overseas communities. In addition, CWV consensus reward activities were launched in kakao communities and telegram communities.



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