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CWV2.0 Weekly Report(August 1st Issue)

Techological Progress

Until 9 Augest, the development of main chain is like below:

  1. Block height: above 51.48 million;
  2. Code has been submitted 30 times, which optimized storage area token, storage matching progress and duplicate proof structure;
  3. The compatibility test of Huawei and performace test have been conducted;
  4. The function of previewing the source code of smart contract has been added to the new vision of block browser;
  5. The design work for the BBS of CWV 2.0 main chain techology has started.

Project Activities

1. Aug. 5–7, 2020, “Great Bay Area·Blockchain Week” was held by the global leading blockchain media Cointelegraph in Shenzhen. CWV and BICC attented this event as exclusive and joint naming partners, participated in two speeches and one seminar. Many famous people like Binance founder, Ethereum co-founder, etc, attended this meeting as well. Please clik the following links to see the relevant reports:

2. Aug. 11–12, CWV & BICC will unite as strategic partnership to attend “2020 POW’ER Blockchain Techonogy and Application Conference” held by Huoxing Media, disccussing the development and ecosystem of blockchain techology. Interested users can communicate with us at CWV booth in Shanghai Kerry Hotel on 11–12 Aug..

Operational Progress

1. Aug. 5, CWV2.0 published a systematically official introduction on Twitter, by which, you can understand the vision, core techology, solution and token economy model of CWV2.0.

2. On this week, CWV 2.0 opened the official facebook account, welcome to connect with us on facebook:

3. By this week, our Telegram community has reached 2605 memebers, including English and local communities; our Twitter has been followed by 1422 followers.

4. The CWV 2.0 Early-Awareness Campaign Pyhase I was launched, starting on August 8th and ending on August 23rd at 12:00 UTC or when all the tokens are claimed. The campaign includes two parts, one is Twitter & Telegram campaign with $1500 USDT as rewards and one is Quizzes with $500($15/day, each winner gets $1/day) as rewards.

5. The growth of the communities:

  • English community: 1359
  • Vietnamese community: 803
  • Philippine community:350
  • Indonesian community: 83
  • Rassian: 37
  • Turkish:24
  • Korean community(telegram):223
  • Korean community(kakao):185

Welcome to connect with us:





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