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CWV2.0 Weekly Report(August 2nd issue)

Techonogical Progress

Till Aug. 14, the development of mainchain is as below:

  1. Block hight: above 52 million;
  2. Code has been submitted for 50 times, in which, database sharding algorithm, file fragmentation architecture design and file structured data design have been developed;
  3. File storage contract for CRC20 has been developed;
  4. Code of the new-version block browser, block record display and transaction display have been developed;
  5. Mainchain technology forum’s UI, database design, and service code writing have been developed.

Program Activities

On Aug.11 to 12, CWV&BICC participated in “POW’ER 2020 Tchonology and Application Conference” as a chief stragetic partner. In the conference, CWV&BICC gave multiple speeches and discussed the incoming development and ecosystem building of blockchain technology. Please check the reports by the following links:

1. BICC COO Hill: BICC Is to Be an Advancer Not a Witness

2. CWV Founder : Become a Historical Creator Rather than a Witness in the Revolution of BICC 3.0

3. POW’ER 2020 Stove-Fire Seminar in Digital Mining Industry Conference: the ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ in Contract Competition

Program operation

1. On this week, CWV twitter published an introduction of CWV2.0, in which, the CWV2.0 model and participation rules are thoroughly illustrated. To participate CWV2.0 member network, multiple ways and considerable rewards are avaliable. Check it out:

2. On Aug. 16, CWV2.0 twittered a article bringing the good new that China announced 28 pilot provinces and districts in China are legal to carry out digital RMB. The news is a good sign for CWV2.0 project. Aming to be a blockchain infrastructure and build an ecosystem, CWV2.0 shows considerable investment potentials.

3. The CWV 2.0 Early-Awareness Campaign has been going on smoothly. There were 255 participants from 9th Aug.1 to 16th Aug, which shows a big enthusiasm of rewarding by having fun! Participate it now:

4. On Aug. 16, DeFiKing was officially launched on Uniswap at 10:00(GTC+8),with the total distribution of 1,000,000,000 $DFK. The news was reported by China’s largest clockchain media:

5. To introduce DFK, many kinds of information formats were promoted to show the multi-folds of DFK program.



6. On this week, DFK community and official twitter were build:



7. The growth of the communities:

  • English community: 1639
  • Vietnamese community: 1159
  • Philippine community:496
  • Indonesian community: 814
  • Rassian community: 515
  • Turkish community:792
  • Arabic community:493
  • Korean community(telegram):463
  • Korean community(kakao):400

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