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CWV2.0 Weekly Report(August 2nd issue)

Techonogical Progress

  1. Block hight: above 52 million;
  2. Code has been submitted for 50 times, in which, database sharding algorithm, file fragmentation architecture design and file structured data design have been developed;
  3. File storage contract for CRC20 has been developed;
  4. Code of the new-version block browser, block record display and transaction display have been developed;
  5. Mainchain technology forum’s UI, database design, and service code writing have been developed.

Program Activities

  • English community: 1639
  • Vietnamese community: 1159
  • Philippine community:496
  • Indonesian community: 814
  • Rassian community: 515
  • Turkish community:792
  • Arabic community:493
  • Korean community(telegram):463
  • Korean community(kakao):400



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