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CWV2.0 Weekly Report(Oct 2nd Issue)

Techological Progress

Till Oct. 11, the development of mainchain is as below:

  1. Block height: over 56,30 million.
  2. Code has been submitted for 30 times, which has developed the functions of quick search and restore for file fragments.
  3. The principles of file varification has been updated.
  4. File traceability has been developed.
  5. Block brower has updated the information for new nodes.

Project Activites

1. From last week, Defiking started to host AMA in local comminities on every Wednesday.The schedule for the incoming AMA is like below:

This week, weekly AMA was hosted in Indonesian community, hosted Defiking CMO Artem Gordadze.

Please see the recaps as below :

2. This week, we organized a one year anniversary for BICC. Neo Wang presented the achievements BICC made in the past year and disclosed that BICC would give considerable rewards back to communities.

Firstly, BICC will conduct a third global partner dividend in 2020 and airdrop a total of 15 BTC. Additionally, BICC and DFK will carry out strategic cooperation and open up the BICC and DFK community system to each other. Defiking will airdrop 200,000 DFK to support BICC global partners participate in financial plan. BICC will airdrop 300,000 BSS to Defiking community, encouraging Defiking community members to become the global partners of BICC. Furtherly, DFKii will open an exclusive strategy Cooperative mining pool.

We believe the cooperation between BICC and DFK community will further promote both parties’ development in the new year and benefit users.

Project Progress

1. This week, CWV was renamed as CVN, namely, Conscious Value Network. Our founder Neo Wang explained the thoughts and considerations behind the new name in his twitter. Please read the twitter by the following link:

At the same time, the new token CVNT was listed on BICC. The increase rate at the first day was 400%. Thanks for the trust from community!

2. On Oct. 10, CVN announced operation rules of storage pool. The original CWV2.0 voting was converted to storage miner’s computing power. Please be informed:

Operational Progress

1. On Oct. 5, CVN and Defiking released their official videos. Through the video, we hope community can better know and understand the projects of CVN and Defiking.

Please click the following links to watch the videos:



2. The growth of the communities:

Welcome to connect with us






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