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CWV2.0 Weekly Report(Sep 1st issue)

Techological Progress

Till September 6, the development of main chain is as below:

  1. Block hight: over 53.76million;
  2. Submited code for 50 times, having updated the implementation, test and verification of PoSt;
  3. Worked on multipoint file fragmentation storage and fragmentation damage;
  4. Relized dispaly the information of file storage, fragment hash, file block on new block borwser;
  5. Improved technology development documents and example calls for CWV2.0 main chain.

Project Activites

1. On September 4, Defiking CMO Artem Gordadze participated DeFi Marathon Season hosted by Cointelegraph, and took part in the semiar of “The Role of Stable Coins in DeFi” and presented his view.

2. On September 4–5, Defiking participated “Chiansights Global Blockchain and Digital Finance Conference” hosted by ChainDD and TMTpost. Defiking CEO James Filbird gave a speech about “Defiking Paradigm Revolution: Rising in the New Era of DeFi”, which illustrated the original idea and advantage of Defiking as a decentralized financial platform, and the fueature of DeFi economy. Afterward, James introduced DFK in the Yacht reception.

3. On August 31, CWV fund founder Neo Wang answered questions regarding to staking mining and Defiking in the Defiking x Satoshi Club AMA. Please find the recording at here:

4. On September 4, Neo Wang answered questions in the group of Blockchain Core.

Project Progress

1. On Septem 1, Defiking launched liquidity mining. Defiking planned to issue 890 million DFK tokens by 100,000 DFK/day until all DFK tokens are released.

2. On September 3, Defiking annouanced an important operation adjustment. That is, the total supply of DFK to be issued will be adjusted from 1 billion to 1 million. The adjustment will increase the forecasting annual yield of staking mining to 2000%.

3.On September 6, Defiking disclosed its first smart contract Dapp: DFKdex. DFKdex is a smart contract platform for cross-chain assets trading. It has optimized the process and experience based on existing swap platforms. On DFKdex, the trading and liquidity mining is controlled by smart contracts.

Read more:

4. The growth of the communities:

  • English community: 1714
  • Vietnamese community: 3387
  • Philippine community:1135
  • Indonesian community: 3055
  • Rassian community: 477
  • Turkish community: 524
  • Arabian community: 391
  • Korean community(telegram): 720
  • Korean community(kakao): 545

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CVN Blockchain

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