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CWV2.0 Weekly Report (Sep issue 2)

Techological Progress

Till September 13, the development of mainchain is as below:

  1. Block height: over 54 million;
  2. The codes have been submitted for 60 times, mainly updating the multi-point test verification of PoSt;
  3. File storage stress test has been conducted, the accuracy of the file recovery test is 100%;
  4. File access authorization control has been developed;
  5. The new version of the block browser reliazed displaying the update record of the file circulation and file traceability information;
  6. The technological development file of CWV2.0 has been updated, completed and published.

Project Activites

1. On Sep. 11, Defiking participated in the AMA hosted by Crypto Revolution. Many fans from Twitter asked many informative questions. Defiking was warmed by the welcome of the group, and have tried our best to reward back to the community and answer the questions comprehensively in the AMA.

2. This week, CWV korean community has finished aquisition acticity and quiz activity. As a result, the community has grown 300 members, around 100 people participated in quiz acticity to get a closer look of the project. Through bounty campaign giving rewards, BICC have increased 100 koren new members.

3. Defiking officially annouced Early-Awareness Campaign Phase I in commmunities in this week. The activity will last for a month. It is estimated that the acticity will bring approximately 1000 new members, and generate more high-quality contents for CWV.

Project Operation

  1. A new koeran community was created, welcome to join:
  2. The growth of the communities:

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Conscious Value Network

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CVN Blockchain

CVN Blockchain

Conscious Value Network

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