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The “Value Era” of Blockchain Starts from CVNT

People are always used to regarding ten years as the unit of time counting. The pace of time in the blockchain is faster. There will be more innovative and hot things appearing in every year .

In April, the blockchain was included in the category of “new infrastructure” as an infrastructure. The entry of the regular army brought the blockchain back to the mainstream, allowing the blockchain to occupy the market focus. In the second half of the year, the DeFi market experienced explosive growth, with the highest amount of locked-up funds reaching more than US$7 billion..

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year for blockchain. In 2020, the development of blockchain will face a complex environment and the need to rebuild cognition, such as Bitcoin halving, central bank digital currency pilot, decentralized financial explosion, NFT encrypted artwork appreciation, and so on.

“Value” has become the consensus that everyone is staring at. The landing value of the blockchain is valued. The commercial value of blockchain is discovered. The technical value of the blockchain is affirmed. Whether active or passive, the value development and technological innovation of the blockchain surround each of us.

More valuable, faster, stronger and safer underlying blockchain facilities are the rigid demands of today’s world. Further, the world needs an underlying facility based on smart contracts . The underlying facility should be faster, more scalable, and more ecologically stable.

As the builder, evangelist and pioneer of this industry, in 2020, the Conscious Value Network (abbreviated as: CVNT) has been specially given new meanings, carrying the historical mission of opening the “Era of Value”. The new meaning of CVNT has the following manifestations: block height of nearly 50 million blocks, TPS/CTPS exceeding 50,000, support for 100 super nodes, extremely fast main chain concurrent processing speed, low handling fee, and support for simultaneous running of tens of thousands and commercial-grade distributed applications .

Positioned with a new generation of public chain infrastructure + general-purpose distributed database (storage) cloud, CVNT has become one of the most competitive mainstream public chains in the world. In order to establish landing applications and a simple and implementable economic model quickly and better, CVNT first enters the market through RR qVod, which is the most advantageous landing application for data, traffic, and product maturity.


RR qVod

The world’s largest premium digital content sharing network

In December 2019, the global blockchain economic development report showed the following: There were only 4 million domestic digital asset users. There were less than 40 million digital asset users worldwide. Global governments and blockchain project teams were facing the embarrassing situation of the small application scope of blockchain technology and the low driving effect of actual industry.

In this context, Renren Film and Television used CVNT to create a next-generation decentralized video system called RR qVod. Through uniting global content distribution platform with transmission platform, it utilize the platform’s high-quality content self-dissemination, wide audience range, high user viscosity and other characteristics to drive and cultivate content consumers’ digital currency payment habits to achieve an increase in the total number of global digital asset users and make the public quickly cross the threshold and enter the era of digital asset consumption.

The breakthrough advantage of RR qVod is to completely shift the user pool and data pool accumulated by Renren Film and Television as a native Internet project for 16 years:

The average daily unique visitors is 2.65 million. The average daily page views of the website exceed 10 million .

The website ranks 101 in China and 727 internationally, which has nearly 20 million registered users.

The number of monthly launches of the product matrix exceeds 1 billion. The average daily stay time of the product exceeds 1 hour. Daily active users exceed 7 million.

The official Weibo has 4.4 million followers. The average reading volume of official WeChat is about 2W. It has 70W fans;

Based on the encrypted network transmission of CVNT, the daily upload volume contributed by fans can reach 150TB.

90% of the American TV series watched by Chinese come from it. All Japanese dramas that Chinese people watch also come from it, so it has a monopoly in this regard.

The website has tens of thousands of part-time translators from all over the world and nearly 100,000 translation enthusiasts.

Based on the above data, RR qVod can generate a large amount of data every day, which can quickly drive fans to build CVNT based on high-quality video content itself.

Give full play to the synergies of CVNT and RR qVod:

On the one hand, CVNT as the underlying facility of the blockchain 3.0 world completed the upgrade of consensus and technical solutions in August this year. CVNT can provide RR qVod with stable mainnet, technical support and node services through the VRF consensus main chain + PoSt time and space proof, so that each node/user can equally enjoy the gift of value. Its excellent highway network can also smoothly carry the operation of various rich functions (applications) of RR qVod, improving the transmission quality, significantly reducing the bandwidth cost of the content transmission network, and realizing a revolutionary subversion of the traditional video network industry.

On the other hand, with the tremendous changes in the global economy through resource integration and technical supply ,RR qVod can further empower high-quality content , upgrade the value of idle resources that content consumers once seemed useless, and highlight high-quality content and the ability to gather people for high-quality content creators. Based on users’ high-frequency rigid demand for content, RR qVod is bound to have many high-quality digital asset users quickly. In the process of advancing CVNT coverage at high speed, RR qVod will become the highest quality user traffic pool in the blockchain market.


Distributed database cloud + BaaS platform

Realize the full shift of Internet applications to blockchain

In addition to the outstanding advantage of RR qVod, when we consider the business model of CVNT, we fully refer to the recently successfully transformed Microsoft. It basically realized the transformation from a software company to an enterprise-level service company based on cloud computing. But Microsoft has not changed its genes. It is still facing the enterprise-level market. It has only adjusted the technical level of its products. It is no longer a single software sale, but a comprehensive service.

Compared with Microsoft, the purpose of CVNT is to solve the problems of low performance, poor security, high development difficulty, and excessive reliance on handling fees for existing blockchain applications in order to achieve performance expansion of distributed applications. CVNT provides account/authentication, database (storage cloud), asynchronous communication, and program scheduling on tens of thousands of CPUs or clusters.

The final form of the technology is a general-purpose blockchain distributed database cloud + BaaS platform. The platform can support millions of transactions per second. While realizing commercial-grade decentralized applications on a real scale landing, it also supports the migration of current interconnected projects and the digitization of traditional physical enterprise assets, including the BaaS technology required for business integration, and realize a revolutionary subversion of the traditional video network industry.

First of all, general-purpose blockchain distributed database cloud

The essence of CVNT storage cloud is Ali Cloud or Amazon Cloud in the field of distributed storage, which can support enterprise-level and complex DAPP decentralized data/storage services.

Bitcoin is designed as a virtual currency. What it stores in the Bitcoin blockchain is its ledger, which is the bookkeeping required to determine the ownership of Bitcoin. Later, for a variety of different application purposes, many people tried to use the Bitcoin blockchain to store data. However, Bitcoin itself basically does not encourage this practice, because its own design makes this application very difficult and expensive.

Generally speaking, blockchain technology should be regarded as a distributed database system. This means that a large part of the world’s data may be stored in such a system, just like traditional relational databases and the recent emergence of cloud databases.

CVNT explored this aspect of blockchain technology, proving that blockchain may become a very competitive choice for decentralized storage cloud (distributed database) in the future.

There are many problems to be solved in decentralized storage projects. But it is necessary to avoid too long project cycles and setting too large goals. Therefore, CVNT adopts a fast and slow double-chain parallel working mechanism. On the VRF consensus main chain, all the advantages of PoST are realized through superposition:

1) The storage power of PoSt in CVNT is based on a tangible and useful storage service, which is different from the hash calculation that consumes a lot of energy in order to obtain computing power. Mining based on the PoW consensus mechanism causes a huge waste of energy and does not produce substantial value to the real economy.

2) PoS is to reach consensus through the mining of coin age. CVNT improves this. Its superimposed PoSt consensus will effectively store the proportion of the entire network. As a basis for obtaining the right to produce blocks, the mortgaged tokens are only to avoid the evil of storage and mining, and will not damage the liquidity of the token.

On the basis of realizing the advantages of PoST, CVNT’s decentralized storage cloud has become a powerful commercial-grade blockchain infrastructure and has a complete response strategy, which is used to deal with high concurrency, relational, key-value pairs, large capacity, efficient indexing ,data security and other application scenarios . It can also support more complex blockchain applications, such as finance, gaming, social networking, deposit certificates, and other application scenarios that require high storage clouds (databases).

Second, the BaaS platform.

CVNT uses VRF (random verification method), which is a relatively stable consensus algorithm that runs in the blockchain. During the operation, a random function is used to ensure the fairness and decentralized control of the block producer. At the same time, the PBFT fault tolerance achieved at the block height makes the VRF main chain more stable.

In addition, CVNT is conceived from the bottom, that is, ease of use and developer-friendliness as its core ideas. Through modular development functions and cloud platform tools, enterprise developers can focus on blockchain operations instead of in-depth research on coding difficulties.

Support the improvement of the Buffle test framework and SDK development frameworks such as CVNT.js, which provides better cases and convenience for third-party access;

Provide CRC81 stablecoin issuance instructions and standard interfaces for additional issuance, destruction, etc.

Support Chrome plug-in wallet, Bip44 protocol, PC-WEB terminal offline transaction and signature interface.

Support new versions of Solidity contracts, internal crc20 and crc721 transfers, structure optimization of require , require’s other new versions and CRC721 , finally realizing large-scale applications of 100 million.

At the same time, as a decentralized application development platform, CVNT will provide different frameworks and library modules for the B side. As long as the interface Api can be correct, it can also be universal. From the perspective of blockchain developers, the overall development efficiency is greatly improved and stability is ensured. For example, developers can focus on how the blockchain is applied to their own business logic, and choose the most suitable consensus mechanism and network model from the modular function.

In the later stage, CVNT also plans to provide the toolkit needed to build a blockchain for applications. Blockchain template preparation allows users to choose from different protocol parameters and pluggable components (such as consensus models).

Once the template and options are determined, the toolkit provided by CVNT may even deploy a brand new blockchain for the application before the specific business logic required by the application is fully developed.

In this way, CVNT can greatly reduce the developer threshold. Coupled with the high-speed concurrent processing speed of the main chain and low handling fees, it will attract more ordinary developers, help the CVNT platform to emerge a large number of commercial-level applications, and quickly form a platform ecosystem.

One sentence summary: CVNT will enable Internet applications to fully shift to blockchain. This is a trillion-level blue ocean market and an inevitable trend in the future.


Payment + governance

Drive the true value of CVNT

The market is becoming more and more interested in digital assets that can bring immediate benefits

CVNT is the value transmitter of the consciousness value network ecology, the proof of using the RR qVod service, and the medium for value exchange with the blockchain.

Take RR qVod as an example:

Through CVNT, RR qVod can better collect and aggregate bandwidth and storage resources, intelligently dispatch to serve all enterprise-end users in need in the best form, and take advantage of the transparency, trustworthiness and incentives of the token economy to quickly achieved large-scale economic benefits. RR qVod will bring CVNT a circulation scenario beyond the current mainstream public chain, provide real value support for landing profitable businesses, and make it uniquely competitive in terms of liquidity and deflationary effects.

In the entire process of CVNT evolution, CVNT plays the dual role of payment token and governance token. The price is generated based on the market supply and demand relationship. It is a real application token that can fully penetrate into the application layer and incentive layer of CVNT.

The payment is easy to understand. Every transaction in the CVNT network system depends on CVNT, which including transaction fees,storage cloud fees, all function value vouchers of RR qVod, BaaS fees,contract consumption, etc.

Governance is manifested in that every CVNT holder has the opportunity to participate in CVNT’s on-chain governance and jointly promote its ecological prosperity. The content includes node storage, retrieval, verification, etc., as well as measuring the balance of storage usage, and preventing anonymous DDos attacks.

Because of this, it is not a zero-sum game. CVNT is an incremental market that can be created. As for how much potential for wealth creation can burst in the short term, it mainly lies in the ability to implement smart contracts, enrich CVNT application scenarios, and attract and carry DAPP. Specifically, it is reflected in the scale of the developer community. The more users there are, the greater the consumption of resources, and the more coins the relative project party needs.

As more and more users and applications access, the demand and consumption of CVNT will also increase. With the expansion of market value and the deflationary effect, all currency holders will be able to obtain profits through transactions and achieve real, sustainable and maximized benefits.

Write at the end…

Mankind has experienced the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Steam Age, the Electrical Age, the Atomic Age, and the Information Age, and entered the age of value. Will CVNT become the digital gold of the future? Will RR qVod become an incremental entrance to achieve integration across the Internet and blockchain?

This is something that CVNT is thinking about and actively performing, and it is also something that CVNT has long been committed to.




Conscious Value Network

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