Three stories, three minutes

Our team recently faced the challenge of communicating to a very broad audience what we do as a young start-up and what drives our Founder and Managing Director, Benedikt Kirchgässler. This time, under just three minutes.

Our brainstorming session quickly followed the “let me tell you three stories today…” direction.

And so “three stories, three minutes” was born. Here’s the result.

Benedikt Kirchgässler #makingcyanidevisible during the 2017 W.A. de Vigier Award Ceremony

About CyanoGuard AG

CyanoGuard AG is a chemical technology company based in Zurich, Switzerland. A spinoff of the University of Zurich, it was funded in August 2016 to improve water and food safety, environmental monitoring and emergency healthcare globally. Together, our team members have more than 20 years of experience in applied chemistry, product engineering and business.

CyanoGuard’s Team from left to right: Jealemy Galindo (Marketing), Marjorie Sonnay (R&D), Benedikt Kirchgässler (Founder and Managing Director) and Serafina Weinhold Andersen (Operations)

We have developed a ground-breaking technology that allows for naked-eye detection of cyanide in water, food extracts and blood samples. Our first product, CyanoKit, is a semi-quantitative colorimetric test for free cyanide in water. Our kit allows both professional and non-professional users to test for free cyanide in any setting and at any moment. Our method is simple and eliminates the use of hazardous substances. Moreover, our sensors compete with current market alternatives in terms of selectivity, sensitivity, handling and speed of detection.

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