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CYBAVO Wallet Turnkey Solution now supports WalletConnect

CYBAVO Wallet app, the mobile crypto wallet developed by CYBAVO for Android and iOS, now supports WalletConnect. With this update, users can now directly link their CYBAVO Wallets to contracts to perform DeFi operations, or to use Dapps and decentralized exchanges (DEX), enabling them to directly trade from the wallet once a connection is set up. All transaction history will also be available on the mobile app.

This new feature is also available in the CYBAVO Wallet Turnkey Solution. The service providers that already use the platform only need to update their backend and download the new version of the SDK. After the update, they will be able to call WalletConnect-related API commands. They can also refer to the open source app sample code in the SDK, which includes a complete wallet UI/UX and API usage examples. Using CYBAVO Wallet SDK, you can now enable support for WalletConnect in your app within a few hours .

Connecting Uniswap to CYBAVO Wallet App

Let’s take Uniswap as an example. When the users visit Uniswap on their browser, they can choose to connect to a wallet in the upper right corner.

At this point, select WalletConnect and a QR code will appear on the web page.

Log in to CYBAVO wallet with your mobile phone and click the scan button at the bottom bar. After scanning the QR code on the Uniswap website, the mobile APP will pop up a screen requesting the user’s consent to connect to the wallet.

After the wallet is successfully connected to a service, the mobile app will show which DAPP, DeFi, and smart contracts are currently connected. If the wallet has a connected contract, you can see a WalletConnect icon in the lower right corner of the wallet home screen, indicating that there is currently a contract connection. To disconnect the wallet from a service, click on top of the service to end the connection.

Confirm Swaps and other transactions from CYBAVO Wallet App

Following the Uniswap example, a user might want to exchange ETH with any token in the platform. When the user selects the exchange item on the Uniswap website and clicks the Confirm Swap button, a secondary confirmation window will appear on the CYBAVO Mobile App, as shown in the figure below. The user can exchange tokens and complete the process after agreeing on their mobile phone wallet.

Crypto users can download CYBAVO Mobile Wallet App for iOS and Android from the stores.

If you are a VASP and you want to offer a crypto wallet to your customers, or you want to include crypto features in your existing app, get in touch with us today to learn more about CYBAVO Wallet Turnkey Solution.

Originally published at on October 15, 2020.



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