5 reasons to become a Cyber Discovery club leader

As a parent, teacher, mentor or volunteer, there are many ways to get involved in Cyber Discovery. You could be an industry expert that is willing to provide inspirational and educational talks, you could make it your mission to encourage as many students in years 10–13 to take part or you could take on the stimulating and rewarding role of a club leader.

A club leader could be a parent working through Cyber Discovery with their own children, a teacher using Cyber Discovery in an after-school club or a volunteer who has been background checked and assigned to support a school or extra-curricular club. The role involves acting as a facilitator, providing motivation, encouragement and support to help mentor students as they progress and pick up new skills.

No prior cyber security training is required to be a club leader as the programme is initially delivered online through a gamified learning platform that is both intuitive and designed to encourage students to progress independently. Club leaders will be provided with all they need to excel, whether or not they have experience in the subject area

So why should you become a club leader? We have put together 5 top reasons as to why you should consider being part of the Cyber Discovery volunteer network:

1. Cyber security talent is needed to help secure our digital future. There is a national shortage of cyber security practitioners — the people that are able to defend computer networks and other internet-connected infrastructure against attack. From online banking to sending an email, this profession has become a supporting pillar in everything we do in our wireless world. With your support, we want to help build the talent base that can fill the shortfall of people interested in this vital profession.

2. Many young people have a talent for cyber security but are unaware of the career opportunities. There are thousands of students that are already cyber hobbyists or have a hidden talent for cyber security, but very few realise there is a career path to pursue in the profession. Club leaders will help to show students the exciting career prospects in this industry. They are exposed to everything from Linux to cryptography and programming, giving them opportunities to experience a vast range of roles in the profession.

3. You can use the Cyber Discovery tool however you like. All the material needed to run a successful Cyber Discovery club exists within the four tools/phases of the programme. The learning tools are effectively step by step guides that allow students to work on challenges by themselves and at their own pace. This means that Cyber Discovery can be used as a brand new extracurricular club, it can support a wider cyber security curriculum or be something students work on with your guidance at home.

4. You could find the next cyber security superstar. With the help of Cyber Discovery, you could be responsible for finding the next generation of cyber security talent. They could be sat in your classroom, at your kitchen table or be a member of your local organisation. Use this tool to help them fulfil their potential.

5. Finally, becoming a club leader is an extremely rewarding role. Watching students solve challenges, find a hidden talent and become enthusiastic about learning is enormously fulfilling. Our programme is centred around encouragement, praise and most importantly, enjoyment. We hope that performing the duties of a club leader — to help boost a fast-growing and absorbing industry — will give you the same amount of satisfaction and enjoyment as all the students involved.

To sign up as club leader please visit www.joincyberdiscovery.com. For more information on becoming a club leader please visit our resources page or email us.