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Cyber Discovery Content Creators Club

Can you build a challenge to feature in our Creators Capture the Flag competition?

Cyber Discovery Content Creators Club

During this testing period of school closures, Cyber Discovery have been working hard to expand our programme and offer as many students as possible, the opportunity to access fun learning resources they can do at home! As part of a series of programme updates, we are excited to launch our Content Creators Club.

What is it?

We’re continually impressed and amazed by our Cyber Discovery community. The community projects built around the programme demonstrates the power our players have to help and teach others vital security skills. With current school closures, the sharing of knowledge and resources is more important now than ever. Our Content Creators Club will be designed by students, for students so you can support one another with fantastic resources during these testing times.

So what’s involved?
We want you to build a challenge that we can include in a ‘Creators Capture the Flag (CTF) competition’. Those of you that have played through the challenges in Cyber Discovery know what a great challenge looks like. You know what makes it engaging and what techniques help you learn new skills. So, now it’s your turn to be the experts and apply those skills! Easy, medium, hard or even extreme — we want to see what challenge you think will help our community build on their security knowledge.

What can you win?

We will pick up to 50 challenge concepts to feature in the CTF. If you are chosen, you will be invited to join a virtual workshop with the Cyber Discovery team. During these sessions, you will be able to discuss your challenge idea and get some advice on how to build it from your concept.

On top of that, our top 5 challenge creators will also record a 1:1 training session with James Lyne (CyberStart Founder). Together you will film a walk-through of your challenge, discuss the concept, and provide advice to the community.

The Content Creators Club is the perfect chance to build valuable training content for the community and gain well-deserved recognition for your effort in the programme so far!

How can you get involved?

  1. Submit your challenge concept using this form by 22nd May 2020. You must fill out all the required fields for your entry to be considered for the competition. The competition is open to all Cyber Discovery students who registered as a student and /or participated in the Cyber Discovery programme and you may submit multiple challenge ideas by filling out the form multiple times.
  2. The top 50 challenge creators will be selected on the 29th of May 2020 with workshops taking place between the 1st — 5th June.
  3. You will then have until the 19th of June to submit your final challenge in our requested format. More details to be provided at the time.
  4. The ‘Creators CTF’ will be live for you and others to join and take part from the 10th — 17th of July 2020.

📝When submitting your challenge concept, think carefully about what it teaches, and what you learn by doing it — telling this story will really help you to design something that will help your fellow students as opposed to being unsolvable and impossible.

You’re all set — we can’t wait to see what challenges you come up with!



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