Cyber Discovery Schools Tour

James Lyne at Cheney School

The Cyber Discovery team enjoy taking every opportunity to meet our students and help them on their journey into the cyber security profession. Not only are our team committed to doing everything we can to engage and inspire our audience, but we also love getting feedback on the programme. We are constantly striving to improve the tools and engaging with students helps with this process. This week our team of security professionals have been at Cheney School in Oxford, The Pearse School in Cambridge and Cotham School in Bristol.

Whilst visiting these schools, the team spoke about their current roles, how they ended up where they are today and how Cyber Discovery can help them make their first step into the industry

James Lyne visited Cheney School in Oxford earlier this week. James gave a talk about his career so far and what inspires him on a day to day basis. He told us how he could clearly spot a few students who were already keen to get a jump start:

“It was a pleasure to get out and meet some really enthusiastic and interested kids. I talked about my role and the security industry and from the questions could spot a few people whom are already tempted! Best of all when I brought up a few challenges from game a huge number of the students had completed many of the earlier levels — it was great to see smart kids, having fun with cyber security.”

Our main aim as a programme is to inspire the next generation of security professionals. We strongly believe that we cannot do this from behind screens alone. We enjoy taking the time to watch how our game is received in person.

Rachelle Saunders, a Cyber Discovery developer, visited The Pearse School. She explained that for the team to see those lightbulb moments in person is a great pleasure:

“It’s always cool to talk with people using and enjoying the thing you helped build, and great to see students engaged with coding and cyber security concepts. You get to see those lightbulb moments when something that was completely confusing one second suddenly clicks and makes sense the next.”

Cyber security developer, Alex Finney, popped into Cotham School in Bristol where he spoke to a group of students who had already shown a keen interest in learning more about the industry. Alex explained how he enjoyed chatting to students and seeing potential for the future:

“I enjoyed speaking to a bunch of great students who were interested in cyber security and hopefully helping to grow that interest and knowledge. It’s great to see the people who are potentially going to join the industry and see the Cyber Start programme in action helping those people find their way.”

Do you think your school could benefit from a visit from the Cyber Discovery team? If so, please send us an email on and one of our team will be in touch to discuss how we could help.