Cyber Discovery Spotlight: Nazleen Rao

Our fantastic Cyber Discovery community is what makes our programme a success! In this series of blogs, we shine a spotlight on some of the incredible talents we have seen taking part this year.

This week, Nazleen Rao, a club leader participating in Cyber Discovery, guest blogged about her experience of the programme so far.

Nazleen registered her school, Skinners’ Academy, for the programme and became a Cyber Discovery club leader.

Needs to come with a CAUTION!… This programme is highly interactive!

Before teaching cyber security to my secondary school pupils, resources were limited to textbooks and websites in theory form. While trying to teach pupils as best as possible about the nature and importance of cyber security, there was always something missing — a disconnect.

Pupils would often be taught the theory behind the concept, but we were never truly able to answer their question “but HOW do they do it?”…UNTIL NOW!

When my Principal came to me with the Cyber Discovery pack sent to him via mail…I did wonder if it was just another resource trying to teach the topic — Wow! I had no idea I was in for a NICE surprise!

The registration process was easy, pupils were sceptical at first, but then they too realised that they had a great programme to play with (actually I don’t think they fully realised that they were learning until it was pointed out to them) — now that is a sign of a successful product.

Each stage pushed their skills, problem-solving abilities, patience and knowledge further. We had a large number of our pupils make it through Stage 1. In fact, we had difficulties getting our pupils to log off the site, they just wanted to stay in the classroom with us to carry on with the challenges.

This programme has taught pupils a wide range of skills and brought to life just how cyber security measures can be implemented. It helped us answer the “but HOW do they do it?” question.

Cyber security is such an important concept and issue in this ever-changing technological world, Cyber Discovery has given schools a brilliant tool to help educate and enlighten our pupil’s curiosity making the whole concept that much more e-tangible.

However, word of advice to all club leaders…You may start to feel that you are not needed as your pupils immerse themselves further into each challenge and stage — but that was a great feeling for me as it allowed me to shift from a teacher to a facilitator.

Would I recommend this?…YES! Will I be signing up our pupils in the next academic year?… Absolutely!

Nazleen Rao, Skinners’ Academy

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