FAQ: I did not make it through to CyberStart Game. What happens now?

What was the selection criteria for CyberStart Game?

Due to such a huge number of people participating in CyberStart Assess, selection was based on a number of factors. We used the national average as a baseline but had a huge number of gifted players also make it through to CyberStart Game.

How will I know if I have made it through to CyberStart Game?

Students that qualify will be automatically invited, via email and their Cyber Discovery timeline, to play CyberStart Game when it opens. When the CyberStart Game site goes live, your timelines will be updated and you should receive an email invitation during the 48 hours following launch — so don’t worry if your timeline update or email doesn’t arrive immediately.

If you have been invited to play CyberStart Game, your Cyber Discovery timeline will look like this:

An invite to play CyberStart Game

If I did not make it through this time, can I try again?

Yes, we strongly encourage students that do not make it through the assessment phase this year to try again when the next application process opens!

Will I need to register again to take part next time?

You will not need to register again if you want to take part in CyberStart Assess next time. We will contact you with all the details on how to take part when this phase of the programme re-opens.

How will I know when CyberStart Assess re-opens?

We will be in touch, via email, when CyberStart Assess re-opens later this year.

Will the CyberStart Assess questions be the same next year?

No, there will be brand new challenges for you to try next year!

What can I do to enhance my skills and improve my chances of getting through when CyberStart Assess reopens?

Keep practicing and learning! There will be plenty of great learning material and challenges posted on our social media channels to help improve your skills. We would also recommend that you take a look at these other cyber security learning opportunities for young people. The skills you could learn here will be valuable for the next intake of Cyber Discovery.





There are also several online resources designed to help learn coding: