What happens next… CyberStart Game preview!

CyberStart Game is the second stage of the Cyber Discovery programme

Awaiting students who meet the minimum requirements in CyberStart Assess is CyberStart Game; an online platform featuring hundreds of hours of real-world cyber security challenges.

You will take on the role of a security agent, gathering information, cracking codes, finding security flaws and dissecting a cyber criminal’s digital trail, using our in-tool resources, working together and researching techniques.

In Year 1 of the Cyber Discovery programme, 90% of students rated their experience as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

Within CyberStart Game, you will practice security disciplines such as Linux, cryptography and programming as well as being introduced to challenging concepts such as buffer overflows, binary patching and SQL injections.

So what kind of challenges can you expect to see in CyberStart Game?

In the video below, we talk you through some of the challenges you can expect to see in the next stage of the programme.

📝 Please note: These are some of the challenges from the highest levels of CyberStart Game. The beginning levels of Game are comparable with CyberStart Assess, gradually increasing in difficulty to develop your skills in a variety of subject areas.

CyberStart Game Preview

CyberStart Game consists of over 200 challenges, and the amount of time spent engaging with the programme will vary significantly by player. Due to other commitments, some may attempt Game over several years; we do not judge ability based on the overall amount of time spent playing or engaging.

🗒 If you progressed to the CyberStart Game stage in previous years, your progress will be saved and you can pick up from where you left off when this stage of the programme reopens. There will also be new content for you to try out!

To find out when CyberStart Game launches head over to www.joincyberdiscovery.com.