What is CyberStart Assess?

Cyber Discovery consists of four stages, collectively spanning hundreds of hours of cyber security related challenges, tasks and games. The first stage is CyberStart Assess. This initial assessment invites you to take on a set of fun challenges that help measure your existing knowledge of computer security and aptitude for the overall programme.

The Cyber Protection Agency is a fictional organisation that plays a big part in the next stage of the programme, CyberStart Game. The CPA is looking to identify recruits that possess the innate qualities required to succeed in cyber security. To do this, you will complete a number of challenges in CyberStart Assess that represent realistic tests and threats faced by previous agents.

Prove yourself, and you could be invited to take on the expansive training and challenges in CyberStart Game!

Once CyberStart Assess has opened, there are three steps to getting started:

  1. Register for Cyber Discovery. To gain access to CyberStart Assess, you must have an account and be registered on the main Cyber Discovery portal. To do this head to www.joincyberdiscovery.com. Registration dates for this year can be found here. If registration has closed, you can pre-register and receive an email reminder when registration and CyberStart Assess reopens.
  2. Sign in to CyberStart Assess. Through the Cyber Discovery portal, you can access CyberStart Assess. Using the same sign in details you created to sign up to Cyber Discovery, you can sign in and begin the challenges.
  3. Start playing. There are several challenges for you to complete, each harder than the last. You can move between challenges and come back to previous ones you are struggling with. To complete each challenge, simply read the question and then try to find the code it’s asking for. When you think you have the answer, enter it into the box and click ‘submit code’. If it’s incorrect, you will be able to try again. Your score will then appear on your student timeline in the Cyber Discovery portal.

The resources in CyberStart Assess are limited so you will need to work together and carry out research using the internet and resources, such as our blogs, for clues and tips.

You can keep playing and improving your score until this stage of the programme finishes. Remember, the way you perform in this section will determine whether you move on to the next part of the programme.

🗒 For those who participated in previous years of the programme, you can continue where you left off at each stage as they re-open again this year. If you did not make it past CyberStart Assess previously, we recommend you try our assessment again!

Good luck agent!

If you have registered as a club leader, all students you have invited to be part of your club will receive an invitation to have a go at CyberStart Assess. They should use the same email address and password that they signed up with to register to take part in this first stage. You can also send them an invitation and reminders to register via the ‘your students at this stage’ section on the ‘programme stages’ page on the Cyber Discovery portal. Students’ scores will also appear in this section of the Cyber Discovery portal.

🗒 The stages of Cyber Discovery are part of a pre-determined schedule and there are deadlines to qualify for each stage. Access to each stage is not available all year round so it is important to note the time frames and how these timings may fit within the academic year. A club leader’s access to CyberStart Assess will be restricted along with students when this stage closes.