Scholarships awarded to 100 Cyber FastTrack finalists!

Sep 23 · 2 min read

Cyber FastTrack is happy to announce that 100 exceptional participants have made it to the finish line! Scholarships for advanced cybersecurity training have been awarded to this select group of students who competed over several months to solve more than 250 cybersecurity challenges. Congratulations to the students who made the list of Cyber FastTrack Finalists!

What did they win?

Each has been awarded a full scholarship to the undergraduate cybersecurity certificate program at the SANS Technology Institute ( Through the undergraduate certificate program in Applied Cybersecurity (ACS), students will gain the knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to launch a career in cybersecurity. At the end of each course, they’ll earn GIAC certifications, which employers recognize and value as validation of their skill set. When they complete the program, cyber-workforce ready students will be introduced to select employers for internships and employment.

Who are they?

When we started, we had no idea where we would find the needed cyber talent! Here is some data about the 100 Cyber FastTrack Finalists:

This select group of students represents 63 colleges across 28 states. Most are in their third and fourth years of an undergraduate degree program while others are pursuing graduate degrees. Students come from a variety of backgrounds — Some scholarship recipients have recently completed technical internships with John Deere, Uber, Idaho National Laboratory, and Northrop Grumman, while others currently hold roles in the service industry, as a respiratory therapist at a children’s hospital, and as an electrician.

FastTrack your journey to a career into cybersecurity”

The goal of CyberFastTrack is to identify highly talented college students with a desire to enter the cyber workforce and provide them with the practical skills training that employers require. More than 13,000 students completed the first phase of this year’s Cyber FastTrack. Over the course of several months, the competition was narrowed to 2,579 quarter-finalists, then 541 semi-finalists, and finally, 100 elite students were selected to receive the full scholarship for advanced cyber skills training.

Congratulations again to these outstanding students!

Interested in cybersecurity? Check out where you can build your cybersecurity knowledge for free!

USA 13–18-year-old girls student programme: Girls Go CyberStart

USA 18–year-old and above college student programme: Cyber FastTrack

Cyber FastTrack

Cyber FastTrack is a free program for college students that will accelerate their journey to a career in cybersecurity!


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CyberStart is a collection of tools that will introduce you to the cyber security industry and accelerate your entry into the profession! 💻

Cyber FastTrack

Cyber FastTrack is a free program for college students that will accelerate their journey to a career in cybersecurity!

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