Who won a scholarship and who moved on to Essentials in Cyber FastTrack

Jul 16 · 2 min read

Congratulations to the winners of the $500 college scholarship! By working hard and solving CyberStart Game challenges, these students achieved scores that qualified them for the random drawing. After this great demo of cyber skills, it just took a little luck to put 200 students on the winner’s list of scholarship recipients.

Semi-finalist selections were announced on July 10 — kudos to the 541 students who made it to this elite level of Cyber FastTrack. They now have access to CyberStart Essentials, an innovative online course in which students achieve proficiency in the most valuable foundations of cybersecurity. Building on the skills players learned during CyberStart Game, they will have the opportunity to master advanced security topics while working through hands-on exercises, quizzes, interactive labs, and exams.

What did it take to get to this point? Let’s take a look at the numbers!

13,289 students registered for Cyber FastTrack, with more than 9,574 solving at least one of the challenges. It was already clear there were superstars in that group because 881 students solved 13 out of 15 challenges, with 304 students solving all of them!

In May, 2,579 students were named as Quarter-finalists and invited to CyberStart Game. They were given 5 weeks to demonstrate their cyber skills on over 252 cybersecurity challenges ranging from simple cryptography puzzles to advanced reverse engineering problems.

541 Semi-Finalists were selected last week based on their outstanding performance in Game. It is truly impressive that 24 students scored 100% on all three bases — HQ, Forensics and Moon. Here is the breakdown of colleges and states that produced this talented group. For a full list, click here.

State and College of Players with perfect scores:

Alabama — 1

University of South Alabama — 1

California — 1

John Paul the Great Catholic University — 1

Colorado — 2

University of Colorado Boulder — 1

University of Colorado Colorado Springs — 1

Maryland — 4

College of Southern Maryland — 1

McDaniel College — 1

Montgomery College — 2

Nevada — 1

University of Nevada-Reno — 1

North Carolina — 1

High Point University — 1

Oklahoma — 2

Northeastern State University — 2

Tennessee — 1

Austin Peay State University — 1

Texas — 2

Southern Methodist University — 1

The University of Texas at Austin — 1

Utah — 9

Western Governors University — 9

Interested in our programmes? Check out where you can build your cybersecurity knowledge for free!

USA 13–18-year-old girls student programme: Girls Go CyberStart : https://ggcs.online/medium

USA 18–year-old and above college student programme: Cyber FastTrack https://cyberft.io/medium

Cyber FastTrack

Cyber FastTrack is a free program for college students that will accelerate their journey to a career in cybersecurity!


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CyberStart is a collection of tools that will introduce you to the cyber security industry and accelerate your entry into the profession! 💻

Cyber FastTrack

Cyber FastTrack is a free program for college students that will accelerate their journey to a career in cybersecurity!

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