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Behind Story about the First Merch

Hey Galz Masters! 🙋

I’d like to talk about our special merch that the Masters must enjoy the joy of having a lot these days. I am Kimjoe by the way and was in charge of making and delivering the goods from scratch.

For any of you who got the first Galz merch already, you would know how much we put our efforts to make these hoodies and t-shirts with sophisticated manners.

To be honest, our first merch is the results of our team’s experiences on other projects’ goods. And we don’t want to let our Galz Masters down by the same reasons that we experienced in purchasing or getting other goods, which are 1) awful quality; and 2) more awful design by simply putting the NFTs on the goods so that fashionistas couldn’t dare to try.

What we’ve thoughts from the planning stage is that the goods should be the one that our Galz holders should be happy with receiving and having them because these goods include Cyber Galz NFTs! — Forget about the delivery as the postal service was out of our hands 😂

Let me tell you about the whole journey of our first merch from the planning, production to fulfilment.

Once we kicked off our plan to make awesome hoodies and t-shirts for our Galz Masters, we had gone all over the Dongdaemun fashion towns to check out fabrics, threads and other clothing materials. Out of more than ten fabric shops, we spoke with three shops to decide which one would be best.

It was a bit difficult to find the fully-satisfying fabrics. We literally went over most famous fabrics shops, checked them out with our hands and finally found the ones that can make the perfect fit for our hoodies and t-shirts.

In the meantime, we also wanted to put amazing artworks of our Galz so we looked for famous NFT illustrators in Japan. We checked out more than 15 artists and contacted the following three artists.

The first artist is SimaEnaga with Twitter address He worked on the artwork for the design number 1 hoodie and t-shirt.

From left, the first one is the draft version; it was developed to the one in the middle and finally, the one on the far right came to life.

Next, the artist named Tatsumi with Twitter address created the artwork for the design number 2 hoodie and t-shirt.

The cute Galz with purple hairs was born from Tatsumi’s hands. The far left one is draft design and we can see that the final version on the right is almost same with the draft and developed version.

Last but not least, the artist Oniku with the Twitter address created the artwork for the design number 3 hoodie and t-shirt.

The Galz reiterated by Oniku looks feminine and charismatic on a gigantic chair.

After we had amazing artworks and superb fabrics and clothing materials for the goods, we worked on fine-tuning the styles of hoodies and t-shirts. As you know, the very slight difference can dramatically increase quality. For your information, all design blueprints of hoodies and t-shirts were completely created from scratch, which means that our first merch of hoodies and t-shirts are exclusively available to our Galz and no one can buy hoodies/t-shirts with the same fits in the market.

We also designed and printed out Galz stickers and special post cards which were delivered to our Galz with the first merch edition of the hoodies and t-shirts. And now, with supports of fulfillment and delivery agencies, all these goods made with our love and care safely arrived in the hands of our Galz Masters.

We were more than grateful to see all the photos of Galz Masters having their one Galz goods on. It was such a pleasing moment that the Masters felt the love and care that we put into making these goods from scratch. Thank you for your support and love toward Galz, Galz Masters! We will keep working on fulfilling our milestones to make the fun and exciting metaverse playground.

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