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BWB 2022 Recap: What We Spoke at the Event

Remember our first offline debut at NFT Busan in 2021? This year, we are back to Busan at Blockchain Week in Busan 2022 (BWB 2022) to present Cyber Galz NFT-applied game product, Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz. The noticeable change in just a year is that we are back to the event as a speaker, instead of a booth exhibitor, with the speech topic to share insights from the first closed beta test of Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz.

The title of our speech was “What P2E User Wants: Analysis Report about P2E Marketing Trend and User Perspectives on Playability.” The content included our user analysis on the first closed beta test of Yooldo’s first P2E game ‘Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz’ which is planned to be launched in Q1 2023. One of the objectives of presenting our CBT user analysis at BWB 2022, is to share our insights on P2E game users with other Web 3.0 game projects because we think Web 3.0 values derive from cooperation rather than competition.

The user analysis was conducted along with our 1st CBT in August 2022. Among 2,000 CBT participants, 500 users joined the user survey. The presentation at BWB 2022 focused on three main topics, characteristics of blockchain game(BCG) users, their views on blockchain game playability and effective user retention strategy targeting these users.

Who are Blockchain Game Users?

As per geographic distribution analysis, 57% of the users were located in Southeast Asia. Among them, Indonesia-based users took the highest user ratio, which means that still Indonesia and other Southeast Asia regions are the most active P2E market.

In terms of age and gender, it was found that users in their 30s and 20s were 45% and 44% each, and males are more dominant players in blockchain game services than females.

We also found that users’ intention for retention and playability was not different by age, whereas female users were slightly more critical when they evaluated game quality.

What Do Users Think of Blockchain Game Playability?

When existing Web 2.0 game companies adopt blockchain for their game services, they develop blockchain game products by adding their already-existing IP to the technology. It can be considered that the companies think games are enjoyable and they already secured users, user retention rate will increase when the blockchain-applied games are launched. This assumption may be related to most blockchain game projects presenting tokenomics similar to the one from Axie Infinity.

However, our team acknowledged that Axie Infinity’s token economy and/or similar token metrics are not sustainable concerning token value as well as user retention. Because as you can agree, most P2E game users play P2E games to earn financial income. From this acknowledgement, we present the following hypothesis models:

  1. From blockchain game users’ perspective, blockchain game’s playability has overall satisfaction on the game and this satisfaction is highly related to token metrics that users can make profits.
  2. The users’ overall satisfaction with P2E game products can be explained by the high repeat user rate.

As a result of the CBT user analysis, it was confirmed that the Trouble Punk closed beta users presented high satisfaction with gamability of our game, Web 3.0 game features including tokenomics in particular. This would lead them to revisit the game, which can be explained by a 60% recurring rematch rate.

Our Insights on P2E Game

In conclusion, it can be considered that recurring user rates would decrease and could not be expected when P2E games focused on gamability from the Web 2.0 companies’ perspective. Web 3.0 users estimate gamability of P2E games based on blockchain-based services including tokenomics, which leads to our conclusion that aside from game quality, sustainable tokenomics is necessary to retain existing users and acquire new users.

As previously mentioned, in the Web 3.0 ecosystem, in particular, more values can be created by expanding ecosystems through cooperation, rather than competition. We hope this P2E game user analysis can cultivate the growth of this market as well as our allies in the industry.

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