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Cyber Galz Minting Overview

Heyya Galz fam! The big day is coming ;)

Before our genesis mint on 23 Jan, let me tell you about our minting process and a story about the Crafting solution.

Immutable X: High-tech Factory for Cyber Galz

Immutable X($IMX) is just like the high-tech factory for Cyber Galz. To elaborate, when users change the appearance of Galz upon their preference, this high-tech factory charges a close-to-zero gas fee compared to the ETH chain. On IMX, Galz’ functions can be performed — users can purchase items(a.k.a. parts) for their Galz on the IMX marketplace paying zero gas; they can customise their own Galz using a crafting solution on the Cyber Galz website. When these functions are implemented on blockchain networks, a lot of transactions occur on the blockchain. Therefore, if you want to craft your own Galz on ETH, it will cost you more than US$1,000 to add and remove five items of your Galz. For the case of IMX? It’s all free! For this reason, we call IMX a ‘High-tech Factory for Galz’.

ETH & Layer 1: Show Room & SNS for Your Cyber Galz

While we describe IMX as the ‘High-tech Factory for Galz’, we’d like to describe ETH and other layer 1 as the Galz’ showroom and SNS. When you finish crafting your one-of-a-kind self-inspired Galz by applying your item collections in the IMX factory, you are ready to show off your Galz in your showrooms such as OpenSea or OnCyber. All you need is to send your Galz to the showroom on ETH or layer 1 via a IMX-layer 1 bridge. It would take around 24 hours for the Galz to arrive in the showroom. Once the Galz arrives in the showroom through the IMX-layer 1 bridge, you can post your Galz on your Twitter photo and/or add it to your Galz collection on OpenSea or OnCyber. Then, boom! There she is!

*WAIT! What if other more active marketplaces like OpenSea support Immutable X for their marketplace integration? If so, your Galz don’t need to cross the bridge between layer 1 and layer 2. They can be simply placed in the showrooms or SNS on Immutable X. Last April, OpenSea announced that the marketplace plans to support IMX. Hopefully, this integration can be implemented this year very soon.

Cyber Galz is the first crafting-enabled PFP NFT on IMX. As Galz’ trading volume on IMX increases, Cyber Galz would get more spotlights related to our crafting and self-inspired customisable NFT. Well, we’d like to say crafting is an exclusive hobby for the few.

Now, shall we talk about how our minting would go?

Genesis Mint

Our Genesis Mint will take place from 23rd January at 12:00PM UTC / 9:00PM KST(UTC+9) for only 24 hours. After this sale round, the Secondary Sale(5th February) and Public Sale(6th February) are to be held. Through these sale rounds, you will purchase Galz VM (Galz Vending Machine) followed by Galz reveal.

Minting Chain: ETH or IMX?

In order for our community to experience the crazy ETH gas price, about 2,000 Galz VMs — a precise quantity available for purchase will be confirmed very soon, really soon — are to be deployed on ETH chain. The users must choose either Ethereum or Immitable X chain for minting their own Galz VM before the sale date. If you have a whitelist ticket for minting, you will be requested to submit the Google form in the Discord channel titled #cg-whitelist-form / #og-whitelist-form / #1-st-whitelist-form. You should submit your answers for your Galz VM minting chain via this Google form! For your reference, if you are concerned about the gas fee, it is recommended to choose IMX. And please note that Gleam event Whitelist winner can mint on IMX only.

Galz VM Minting Process on Ethereum

-If you choose to mint your Galz VM on Ethereum, the process will be ths same as other Ethereum NFT minting. After minting, you can trade Galz VM on Opensea if you want.

-The Galz VMs minted on ETH can be transferred to IMX through a migration process. You should migrate your Galz VM from Galz VM_ETH to Galz VM_IMX before the Galz Reveal Event. This migration function will go live before the Galz Reveal event.

-After connecting MetaMask to our website or IMX Marketplace, you can proceed with Galz VM migration from the official Cyber Galz website.

-In case of minting on ETH, gas fees will occur for minting and trading on OpenSea, and migrating Galz VM to Immutable X.

Galz VM Minting Process on Immitable X

-First of all, you need to connect your ETH-deposited MetaMask to either IMX marketplace ( or our Cyber Galz official website to deposit ETH to IMX. This process is for transferring your ETH on layer 1 to layer 2, which is Immutable X in our case. It will take about 30 seconds.

-After then, you need to click on ‘Mint’ on our website.

-On the day of the Galz Reveal Event, all you need is to connect your wallet with Galz VM(s) to our website and click on the reveal button to proceed with Galz NFT reveal.

-In case of minting on Immutable X, gas fee will occur when you transfer ETH from layer 1 to layer 2 before the mint, or when you transfer your Galz NFT to layer 1 to trade your NFT on Opensea. Please note that 24–48 hours will take to complete transfer from Immutable X to ETH layer 1.

However, during the minting and crafting process, no gas fee will be charged.

Cyber Galz aims to provide you with a sci-fi metaverse playground for our dearest Galz fam, and we will strive to provide you with fun, exciting experiences from every aspect (possibly). This technology feature is also a part of them; we will continue to adopt interesting while handy technology to create more exciting metaverse experiences.

Cyber Galz Official Communication Channel

Website | Twitter | Discord | GitBook | Instagram



9,999 Cyber Galz NFTs are now fostering the new era for game player where game enthusiasts can build their career path in the Galz metaverse.

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