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Event Recap: Trouble Punk at DeFine Cup

We have teamed up with DeFine more than a year to run rounds of community events that can share enjoyable experiences with community members. This year, we gathered again in Jan 2023, aiming to present superb Web 3 games and experiences to Web 2.0 game communities — which would contribute to ecosystem development beyond Web 3 gaming communities. In this DeFine Cup, we held the Trouble Punk tournament event, which was the very first league tournament event even before the official launch this year.

More than 300 people signed up for pre-registration of Trouble Punk tournament. Despite harsh weather, the event venue was the full house. In addition to several Web 2.0 game influencers, hundreds of game fans joined the event. We also set up a promotion booth to present Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz game to participants.

All tournament participants are first-time Trouble Punk players, except the ones from our dear Cyber Galz & Trouble Punk community as well as our first CBT participants. When we develop our product at the first stage, we focused on delivering Web 2 user-friendly experiences so that we can easily get on board with many gameplayers from both Web 2 and Web 3. By presenting Trouble Punk to offline users through the event, all users express positive opinions that they did not experience any difficulties in gameplays.

Surprisingly, the winner of overall tournaments as well as a final match was the first-time users who didn’t play Web 3 games at all. The second prize went to one of our community members who also participated in the first Trouble Punk closed beta test.

During an interview with the tournament champion, he left comments about Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz game that keyboard and mouse for gaming are quite similar to other existing Web 2 games which made him easily join the game and present the best performance. Also, he had never played P2E games though he was impressed with this new genre P2E and felt this sort of user-friendly P2E game had scalable opportunities beyond the genre. In addition to the winner’s comment, we received many feedbacks from the game players. We will apply these comments to improve our product before and after the official release.

If you miss the event and want to have a peek at how the event went, you can check out the event here on Youtube:

The team is gearing up for the 2nd closed beta test and official release of Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz game and Yooldo platform. Ahead of the official launch, we have many updates to share with our community. We will post the announcement and hold on-/off-line community events soon so that we can embark on the 2nd year of our journey with success!

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