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Introducing ‘Trouble Punk’ Fighting Action Game

Trouble Punk is a fighting action game in the battle royale genre where users gather points dropped in the game to win in a limited time. Up to 8 players per gameplay can join the league. We support Free to Play, too, so that users can play the game without NFTs or other crypto assets. Anyone can participate in P2E by connecting a crypto wallet holding an NFT or token. ETH, IMX, and OAS chains will be integrated upon the launch.

The Unity engine is implemented for the development; we adopted a client execution method rather than a web app-based method for in-game functions and controls. Trouble Punk will be released for PC upon the launch, and the mobile version is being considered to be available later.

1. League and League Reward System Overview

In the P2E league, one league consists of 8 matches. If users want to play P2E, they will be automatically assigned to a league that matches their skill level; if more than a certain number of people play 8 matches, the users will enter the league reward stage. If someone joins the league, pays the participation fee, does not proceed with the game for a certain period, or leaves the game, it will be considered as a loss. It means that players who want to join the P2E league do not have to wait for another league to finish to join the league. They just need to perform well in the games given to them.

As for the league rewards, the top 80% of the users get withdrawable rewards, and the bottom 20% get withdrawal-disabled rewards that can only be used in the game. The description below is from the reward system section of the whitepaper for better understanding. Users no longer have to go all over the place for the high APR. Depending on the gameplay, it is expected that users may earn about 1% to 2.5% of the participation fee.

League Reward Mechanism

After a league ends and a jury trial session for the league is closed, all the league players will receive rewards from a league reward pool. The top 80 players (1st to 80th placed players of the league) will get their staked NFT returned along with the game participation fee and receive the game rewards upon their league ranking. The reward amount will be ranged from 1% to 2.5% of each player’s game participation fee, which is withdrawable immediately.

The bottom 20 players (81st to 100th placed players of the league) will get their staked NFT returned and game participation fee in addition to the game rewards. The game rewards amount will be 2–5% of the player’s game participation fee and to be provided in $TROB. The staked game participation fee and game rewards cannot be withdrawn but used in the Trouble Punk game economy, such as purchasing in-game assets or items of Trouble Punk. In addition, this withdrawal-disabled $TROB is available for use in other games on the Yooldo platform.

As a result, the total number of the staked $TROB for a game participation fee (at the beginning of a league) and the number of withdrawal-enabled $TROB (at the end of a league) will be equal. In other words, the number of $TROB tokens issued will increase due to inflation, whereas the total amount of $TROB circulating supply remains the same.

Example: User Game Participation & Reward Claim

Player A wants to join a league with a game participation fee of 200 $TROB. However, he/she does not have 200 $TROB, so he/she receives support from the patron by borrowing a Galz NFT and game participation fee. In return for the support, player A will (as agreed upfront) share a part of the game rewards that the digital asset owner designates when receiving support. As player A takes 1st place in the league, player A and his/her asset owner earn 204 $TROB (a game participation fee of 200 $TROB + 2% of the participation fee as a reward).

Player B also borrows the NFT and 200 $TROB of the game participation fee from a backer. However, unlike player A, player B takes the 100th place in the league. As a result, he/she receives withdrawal-disabled $TROB as a game reward, and the 5% of a game participation fee supported by player B’s backer is locked only to be available for use in the Trouble Punk game economy. In the meantime, player B’s achievement level goes down, leading player B to participate in a league with less game participation fee. In other words, the 200 $TROB that player B borrowed from his/her patron will be converted to the withdrawal-enabled 170 $TROB and withdrawal-disabled 30 $TROB. Also, since the league result will be on player B’s game record, other patrons on the Yooldo platform will not prefer player B over other players with superb performances. This will result in a decrease in player B’s supported participation fee that patrons can sponsor.

This design lets users focus on the game and not other elements. In addition, within the game, a significant portion of the game participation fee can be replaced with dollar tokens (USDT, USDC, etc…), which would dramatically reduce the risk of reward tokens' price volatility.

2. Rank System

Trouble Punk has its own ranking system and a scoring system that reflects the users’ skills. To prevent concerns and losses caused by unfair competition, we used statistical modelling of the rank score. We cannot disclose precisely how we calculated the rank system due to abuse concerns, but we have considered the possibility of several exploits. Here are some of the cases:

  • A player with a relatively high rank creates and participates with a sub-account.
  • A player who has been inactive for a long time restarts, and his/her skill level is lower than his/her actual rank.
  • A play intentionally lowers the rank by losing the games with low participation fees and then trying to participate in games with high participation fees.

We designed the rank system to ensure fair competition and prevent abuse or damage to these cases. It will be further advanced based on the actual player data in the future.

3. Assets Required to Join P2E

A total of three crypto assets are required to participate in P2E. Users can participate in the game by depositing NFT, stablecoins(USDC, USDT …), and $TROB. As of August 2022, the NFTs for participating in P2E exist as a Genesis NFT collection of already issued Cyber Galz NFTs. Collaborating with other projects is also in mind from a long-term perspective, and additional NFTs may be issued.

Holders who do not have NFTs to participate in P2E play must borrow NFTs from their sponsors to participate in the game. Users must share their game rewards with the sponsors if they borrow assets to participate in the game.

Stablecoins and $TROB are also required. Users can deposit up to 70% of the game participation fee in stablecoins, which means that the users need to deposit 30–100% of the game participation fee in $TROB. For example, if a user joins a game with a participation fee of $1000, the user can participate in the game with a deposit of $700 USDT + $300 value of $TROB. This structure is designed to minimize the price volatility of tokens that the users may experience before and during their gameplay.

Trouble Punk is a game that challenges the unsolved problems of P2E and existing games. We hope the team’s sincerity towards P2E games will reach our users. With the closed-beta launch in mid-August, there will be more articles about the game and the whitepaper, let alone the characters in Trouble Punk. So stay tuned for further updates!

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