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Trouble Punk Maps

A number of maps will be available in Trouble Punk. Upon the launch, the first map users can play is Cannonball Town.

Introducing Cannonball Town

Story of Cannonball Town

Chaos revisits Cannonball Town again after the town experienced severe damage from serious terrors a few years ago. Unrecognizable wormholes occurred, which put the town in disorder. All inhabitants fled from the town as the mayor asked all the residents to evacuate Cannonball Town ASAP.

Map image

Now, the fate of Cannonball Town depends on our brave players. Travel every single place that these notable wormholes occur, win coins of magnificent universe power, blow up disrupters and save your life(and this town)! In addition, you can find items that boost your combat power. Players can also find various places to hide from the fierce attacks of their enemies.

Design of Cannonball Town

When our art team planned a design concept of this Cannonball Town in the beginning, the team focused on the genre of Trouble Punk, a battle royal survival game. At first, the map was too big, so most players couldn’t find each other, not being able to have a match with others for the whole 5 minutes of the gameplay.

Initial Concept Design #1
Initial Concept Design #2
Initial Concept Design #3

Thus, we made a significant adjustment by reducing the map’s size to one-third. We also made coins pop up randomly so players could gear up for the battle of 5 minutes with a fast and thrill-ride pace.

Occupy the highlands to take advantage over others

Players can enjoy dynamic action graphics as camera angles are changed when a character arrives at a particular location on the map.

Oooh I spy kewt cat!

For less-skilled players to protect themselves from others, we increased the chances of game item drops and also put some hiding places.

Let’s head to where the coin will drop!

Get the items you need on the map, and wait for the best time to attack! Do you have a lot of tokens to lose? Search for hiding places within the map!

The more coins you get, your chances for a higher rank increase. Fingers crossed, everyone!

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