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Trouble Punk Plot & Characters

Trouble Punk, the first game on Yooldo platform, is a fighting action game of the battle royale genre. Users can collect points dropped in the game to win in a limited time. Users need to beat off as many opponents as possible while trying to earn as many points as they can.

Game Plot

The story of Trouble Punk begins when Satoshi Nakamoto(中本哲史) Galz(Hereinafter “Cyber Galz”) takes a break after creating 4,999 Vending Machines — for your reference, Trouble Punk universe is completely separated from the Cyber Galz comics universe.

Cyber Galz and Bald Dr. AI BC’s experiment, which started with the ambition of merging all blockchain mainnets into one, failed for some reason; Cyber Galz, which was migrated to the on-chain network, could not return to reality. Thus Cyber Galz is stuck in the Trouble Punk universe that is full of bugs. In order to return to reality, Cyber Galz will have to fight against NFT characters from various mainnets.

Game Characters

Cyber Galz: The First PFP NFT of Trouble Punk

Satoshi Nakamoto Galz(Hereinafter “Cyber Galz”), the inventor of the genesis PFP NFT collection, will appear in the game. Cyber Galz had been integrated into the on-chain network. However, caused by the failure of Cyber Galz and the bald Dr. AI BC’s mainnet merge, Cyber Galz won’t be able to come back to reality.

Just right before the chain collapsed, Cyber Galz met the Ghost. The Ghost said these mysterious words, “If the space we live in breaks down, the only thing that can fix this world is TROB.” and then disappeared. Nobody knows whether the Ghost foresaw the chain would break, though Cyber Galz has a mission to solve the collapse for herself and the world.

  • Weapon: Dragon Sword
  • Clothes: Practical Piece of Dragon Robe
  • Title: Humanoid

Max: A Brave Repairman

Max has been very busy due to the recent bombing in the town. While repairing the broken building and damaged city, he discovers a bounty of his crush, Bubbling. Max thinks Bubbling will like him if he rescues her from the danger! So, in order to win the heart of Bubbling, he sets off on a journey to find Bubbling’s whereabouts.

  • Weapon: Monkey Spanner
  • Clothes: Repairman Overall
  • Title: Repairman

Bubbling: A Mischief-maker

Bubbling, a troublemaker of the neighborhood, joined a gangster group in the end. Bubbling has done all sorts of nasty things to get approval from the boss. However, while achieving her personal career goal, she accidentally messes with a soldier and gets chased. Will Bubbling be able to safely meet Max?

  • Weapon: Nail Spike Baseball Bat
  • Clothes: Punk Outfit with Roller Skate
  • Title: Gangster

Momo: A Cheerful Soldier

Momo, who has been in the military service for the bomb-making department, gets addicted to gambling because of Bubbling. After Momo lost all her fortune through gambling, she turned dice into bombs and attacked all gangs to find Bubbling and get her own back on Bubbing.

  • Weapon: Dice Bomb
  • Clothes: Military Outfit
  • Title: Soldier

Wingstar: The 11th Reinforced Human with Rekless Personality

Dr. Gregstein — who will appear in the next season — successfully manufactured his 11th reinforced human, Wingstar. Built solely for combat, Wingstar is on a lonely journey to find Dr. Gregstein, who disappeared after creating him.

  • Weapon: Electronic Yoyo
  • Clothes: Electronic Suit
  • Title: Reinforced Human #11

Poby: A Hardworking Boxer

Poby is a boxer fighting for justice. Unlike his macho looking, Poby has a pure heart with a strong commitment and rightfulness. He also has a quite positive mindset, doing philanthropy works for children in need after winning victories in every boxing match. This is because he doesn’t want these children to experience the financial difficulties that he had in his childhood. His gloves also have a big smile, like his positive mindset.

  • Weapon: Boxing Gloves
  • Clothes: Boxing Pants & Bumblebee Boxing Shoes
  • Title: Boxer

Game Art Concept

The colorful and vivid colors are often used in sports fashion. These color tones are also mainly used for the characters in Trouble Punk with the objective to present friendly and postive impressions to majority who may not be familiar with Web 3.0 and P2E.

The characters of Trouble Punk are also designed to have round and chunky figures. The characters are also armed with items that we can easily find in our daily life. Anyone who sees these charming characters at least once will remember some eye-catching features of their appearance for a while. No matter how terrifying PFP characters are added on to Trouble Punk, these PFP will turn into cute game characters as per our main design concept. Think about it! What would apes and goblins look like in Trouble Punk?😂

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9,999 Cyber Galz NFTs are now fostering the new era for game player where game enthusiasts can build their career path in the Galz metaverse.

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