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What is CND?

Cindicator is a data analytics platform fueled by a community-driven infrastructure, the platform harnesses the value of a phenomenon known as wisdom of the crowds, and combines that with an Artificial Intelligence overlay. Cindicator refers to this melding of intellect as Hybrid Intelligence. This synergy enables Cindicator to make precise indicators for trading.

“In 1907, Sir Francis Galton asked 787 villagers to guess the weight of an ox. None of them got the right answer, but when Galton averaged their guesses, he arrived at a near perfect estimate. This is a classic demonstration of the “wisdom of the crowds”, where groups of people pool their abilities to show collective intelligence.”

Cindicator Analytical Products:

Cindicator Bot

Cindicator gathers its data by polling hundreds of thousands, and one day, millions of analysts. This diverse group of financial analysts make their forecasts through the Cindicator platform by answering financial questions and predicting event outcomes. Questions are then divided into several sections and cover both crypto and traditional financial markets. After forecasts have been made, the data is sent to Cindicator where AI processes these predictions to create trading indicators. The machine learning models applied by Cindicator are never static, they are continually learning by reviewing past data, and analyzing more than 500,000 predictions monthly. Access to the Cindicator Bot depends on the amount of CND tokens you hold. Notifications are sent out according to your access level, including the relative tier of indicators generated by Cindicator analysts’ datasets and run through multiple machine learning layers.

Cryptometer 2.2

The cryptocurrency market frequently undergoes massive fluctuations that can create lucrative arbitrage opportunities. That is why the Cryptometer 2.2 measures prices across an array of exchanges to anticipate and detect early signs of market volatility to provide you with real-time price movements on crypto assets of your choice. The Cryptometer 2.2 features support for 10 crypto exchanges and 8 cryptocurrency/USD pairs. This tool tracks price drops and surges for a specified threshold. You can specify multiple thresholds for all supported pairs. Also, you are able to display a list of prices on all supported exchanges for any given pair. Last of all, Triangle Arbitrage allows you to look for arbitrage opportunities between 3 assets and even on a single exchange.

Token Sale Review

The token sale review acts as an exclusive analytical product which helps users identify token sales that have the highest probability of sustainability in the long run. Moreover, a stop list tracks scams and projects that have excessive risks associated with them. Access to this product is strictly limited and by application only. In addition, you have the option to receive post-sale token indicators to help you understand price movements, while general market indicators will help bolster your confidence. Together, the indicators will help you plan and execute an optimal trade exit. Token Sale Review is Cindicators first paid analytical product which is accessible via a monthly paid subscription of CND tokens.

How does a neural network help?

Wisdom of the crowds working together with artificial intelligence was only the first step. By using a diversity of Data Science methods, and incorporating statistical science, and machine-learning methods to increase the overall accuracy of the Cindicator trading signals. One method used is based on what’s known as the Hidden Markov model. It’s a mathematical model that factors in previous error made by users by taking into account the history of their predictions. This pretty much means the bot will learn about your accuracy and adjust your forecast according to how accurate you’ve been in the past.

How does (CND) reward analysts?

Analysts are paid proportionately and rewarded for their accuracy. The more accurate they are, the more they are paid. Cindicator then collects the data from its polls and runs it through an Artificial Intelligence component utilizing machine learning algorithms. Which then sends trading signals to the token holders of Cindicator.

CND Test Results

Here’s a sample of the publicly released test results of nearly 900 financial events their analysts have predicted:

  • On January 19, 2017, five minutes before the markets opened, the team published price predictions on gold, silver, the U.S. dollar, the Russian ruble, and Brent oil. Each prediction included an entry point, stop-loss, and profit-taking point. Over a three-week public test period, the team had average annualized gains of 47%.
  • On December 11, 2017, their computers said to buy Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX) at $20. At the time of this writing, the stock was around $24. That’s a 20% rise in just 27 trading days.
  • Early January 2018, they publicly announced that Netflix would beat estimates.
  • On January 18, Netflix reported earnings of $1.15 — a 15 % earnings beat — and the stock shot up 9%.

Cindicator Symbiotic Network

The Symbiotic Network is Cindicator’s long-term investment in the future
of intelligent ecosystems. United tech startups, companies, and individuals within a shared vision to create a lasting positive effect upon all participants in the network as a whole. Through this network, Cindicator will create lasting strategic partnerships.

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