Seth Kontny
Oct 18, 2014 · 5 min read

Neruo synapses fires and I’m linked→IN (from) A/m\a/->Z\ ON (A-Z).

Glad your day is going well. Interestingly enough I also lack sleep as my conscious fights through realms to revise information collected research and invent what’s not invented. However this stops me from sleeping. Also my most creative times are when I’m away from my laptop and computer. When I close my eyes and visualize. It’s as if I’m able to soar above everything and gaze down; birds eye view and understand how to impact the world. Correlating all products and tech startup scenes, new companies, media, politics, and economic issues. What also help is all the research I do by myself spirals into visual spectrum and results in a new form of intellect a Neruo synapses fires and I’m linked→IN (from) A/m\a/->Z\ ON (A-Z). Language barriers and distances are not relevant to travel this journey, note this journey can be tiresome yet blocking sleep (irony). This flux wa/\\e vortexes vast and far.

However I was told something by someone with a keen collective depth of knowledge from experiences and others. He said this “Seth, your a tornado; you’re picking up VITAL information, scarce information accelerating grasp range. This information most others don’t poses, and cannot process. If there is another with this vital information besides yourself (which honestly Seth would be rare). What would you think?

My response “ummm…well…..ah…. dangerous by a multiplex of variables”

Very interesting-it’s as if he himself sharing this information emission through to me triggered a understanding.

As me has been mentioning from factual evidence to not share what I create, invent or develop. As I have limitless possibilities and can spiderweb into any one business or organization to make simplicity of their complexity therefore amounting new forecasting route with ample traction to ignite what business demands and thus is root definition without explanation; assets by demand of consumer.

See this hear is my personal root failure→ I’ve typed this information to create a circular effective understanding for audience to collect and understand. From here I began point (climax if you will). Yet typing this on my iPhone in one location and stopping and moving to another location. Frustrates complexity within my cognitive function. Where I don’t want to continue informational guidance, guiding audience to understand by finishing circulation of circular visual representation to link into you / audiences mind-state. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love outcome by example meaning → once audience grasps what I’m (usually most often in person (present/ speaking and body language as emissions of my passion are understood by myself and audience not until I complete) once this occurs audience (one or more) gets that itch, that tingle, literally the rub there face, arm, or pinch their leg. As they audience has just come from vortex of vast information. Limited not to my attempt of being concise by intention, as to create or invent the audience should be prepared information they are about to consume is breaking barriers to a new (road, synapses as to new route on their own (brain) neruo network. Once this occurs altercations start firing within their mindset. As this is root definition of how to not sell a product or service to (one or more) however lead and allow them to figure it out themselves (allowing them to think they did. Cognitive trigger trickery.) → this selling game is a polarity opposite of what I’m explaining and let that point stand known and now mute to your thinking. As this creates data transmissions between collective understanding between myself and audience. This is within scope also dangerous as this information and circulation effectiveness is not tailored into mind state of audience (one or more). They state “you’re one of those crazy smart, crazy geniuses aren’t you?” This is ☺️. However as we all have our flaws, processing and mentioned prior _/tornado\_ gravitating universal information from personal research. Cyphering historic inventions, to current mass<-> media relays of intentional confusion and human ego causation for disruption of progress as everyone on linkedin to Forbes grammatically attempt to spell out = INNOVATION. It’s understanding to corporations plans to stand tall look down and morph into this tornado I’m called and capture this vital information from any source or personnel they can. This we shall label as unconscious failure and ones wealthy enough aka ventures capitalist/ ones whom statutes by companies founded or started. By themselves or by their connections. Displace innovation and are polarity opposites of. Therefore these few upon this level are using their vast resources to act as a catalyst of innovation capitulating fallacy amongst and demoting accuracy launch innovation.

Ironic as I type this I’ve been interrupted to complete a task else — where. So ending this iPhone( jot)

Hidden message behind iPhone jot. A joyful example of quick MVC by application developers with resources want to collect information — data let’s say something I labeled after my random iPhone writings I would label as Iphone jotting. Lol pattern matching through correlations. Not to speculate. Data mining and retrieval is not hard thus my data schematics factual models therefore proven by sound validity. Over such things. … Ok ok have to go.


Seth; do not offer or provide free or unintentionally. Harness intelligence and allow business sense to seep in. Become resilient; fire proof to those not opposing or position of opposition to propose threat. Until you leak share your talents. Consult, offer service. Hey Seth its business, they pay first. Then you will do your thing, what you offer. Reverse engineer, develop, detect, defend, invent — so — on.

My proposition → I’ve always been about helping others. Believing I. Humanity, as behavioral patterns and relation traction of human interaction is natural synapses for me. My history from past is relevant to digital sphere and within. Thus was like being killed inside; having no one around you understand what your doing. What your intentions are. Reasoning; as it’s not something in public discussion. Yet aware you are that in future media and conscious of all public minds will become relevant. Thus its a beautiful kind of thing “right”==> nope, nadda, nasaq?

Before adaptation of data collection and Api usage. Before social gateways we public exposed. Elections scene, Schema and implementations of target areas, heat mapping; emotional patterns trending, transient with transcript from prior used. Disposed. Yea I cyphered through digital clusters by closing my eyes and visualizing every variable and interaction on how to inflict, tape into conscious of target meaning collective of personal of company or individual person. Is this then to make them my personnel without authentication or realization of their adherent.

Understanding of how economic structures operate and taught in no textbook or schooling intentionally.

United States postal services. Address→ telecommunications—< node> cluster> packets> → see all this just to get you ready to hear my point and I’m sick of typing on my iPhone

Cyber Security

Intrusions, injections, impersonations, persona capture depletion

    Seth Kontny

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    Cyber Security

    Intrusions, injections, impersonations, persona capture depletion

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