2018 Summer Cohort Overview

By almost any measure, our Summer 2018 Cohort was a great success. Our students were inspiring — genuinely interested, amazingly supportive of each other, cracked a lot of jokes, and, like a real industry job, occasionally worked diligently beyond 40 hours/week on open ended projects with changing requirements.

By the numbers….

  • Our summer 2018 cohort represented diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and 25% were women
  • Over 95% completion rate, with 100% completion rate for women
  • 9 industry guest speaker seminars, each with a student medium blog recap of the event
  • 19 companies as industry partners of the program

And a leading indicator of true interest in the field:

  • 72% of participants joined a cybersecurity networking group outside of the program and 56% already had attended a professional event by the end of the course

Team projects covered…

  • Amazon Web Services and S3 Bucket security auditing tool
  • Offensive/defensive WiFi ARP scanner running on Rasberry Pi
  • Updating public security oriented datasets for Machine Learning
  • Easy to use live USB Kali Linux images for rapid deployment WAF Red Teaming
  • Blockchain tools disclosing up to date vulnerability updates on various cryptocurrencies and feasibility of 51% majority attacks on various cryptocurrencies

Be sure to take a look at their team projects here — who knows, you might find a great idea to collaborate on or even a job candidate while you browse!