CyberFi BETA Event

CyberFi BETA Event Launch

Last few weeks were very hectic and busy for the CyberFi team. As you may already know, we have gathered a great group of professional traders and industry experts that not only helped with testing the ALPHA platform, but provided valuable feedback and insights into tools for automation that are needed. We have done all the necessary fixes and improvements to polish the functionality of the platform so we can successfully transition to BETA.

After lots of long hours and hard work, we are exited to announce the Launch of the CyberFi BETA Event!

We are now accepting applications for BETA EVENT group that will be limited to 100 users for the First Phase. The goal is to give access to pro-active users and holders of $CFi first and foremost.

Here is the link to apply


We’ve started our ALPHA platform with the first risk-management tool in DeFi of it’s kind. The platform allowed to pre-set a Smart Order for an Automated Complex Event, which allowed the user to automatically exit a Farming or Liquidity Mining Project based on a price change of it’s native token. It was very manual and very limited in functionality.

Now with the launch of the Beta Event we are coming in with new Features and a few Huge Updates down the road.

LP Management

BETA platform gives a lot more freedom of choice in terms of functionality. We will be adding multiple Farms for those that are using Yield Farming/Liquidity Mining protocols. The participants that qualify to be Beta users will be voting on which ones to add weekly!

Alongside that, one of our new key functionalities that goes hand-in-hand is Liquidity Pool (LP) management. Automating Add/Remove Liquidity function can be a great risk mitigation tool if used correctly. Not only you will be able to set up exit scenarios and use CyberFi as a risk-mitigation platform but also focus on maximizing profits.

Token Limit Orders

Another key functionality that has been very anticipated by the whole DeFi community Token Limit Orders. This cross-token function allows the user to pre-set the parameters for an automation Scenario to buy Token Z with the trigger being a change in the price of Token X. In DeFi this provides a lot of great opportunities for looking for those correlations.

V1 Dashboard

We added auto-load of LP tokens and ERC-20 Tokens and now it’s much easier to overview your portfolio and manage orders.


Looking over the frequent hacks we set out to have an unbreakable system in terms of security. The CyberFi Platform for V1 will use a very precise security measure where the contract doesn’t hold any funds at all at any time.

And when you don’t hold funds -there is no risk. Through our platform users are pre-creating Transactions which are then stored off-chain and they get pushed into the blockchain (on-chain) when a price trigger hits. This way we are fully secure. Literally no way nor logically nor theoretically to lose any funds using CyberFi.

Upcoming Updates

Change the current UI from Version 1:

To Version 2:

And introduce voting for Beta Participants. This will be our first act of governance for $CFi holders where the initial group will be able to participate by voting on new features and DeFi projects for Automation on the CyberFi platform.

Also, in the next 5 days we will be launching our staking portal. It will be live on Wednesday December 23rd! This will allow people to earn an APY% on staking $CFi alone and on staking $CFi/$ETH LP Tokens on Uniswap.

CyberFi is a new-gen Intelligent Automation Platform.

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