Skype and Malicious Adverts

So, I've noticed an interesting thing going about Skype recently.

A contact sends you a link to a website, and the link has your username in it! Hmm, must be for you!
So you click it. This does a number of things, it could install a virus on your computer, encourage you to install a trojan, and/or hijack your Skype account and send itself to all your contacts.

However, I’ve spoken to some colleagues who have been “infected” by it who say they never clicked the link, and I believe them.

Skype is an advert supported platform unless you cough up for “pro” or have a system wide adblocker.
But Microsoft doesn’t properly vet their advertisers.
This results in “malvertising” getting through and infecting peoples computers either when they click, or worse by “drive by”.

All I can suggest is that you don’t click any links from anybody, regardless of how much you trust them or how innocent the link looks.
Do not download any sent files from anyone for the same reason.
Do not click the adverts in the Skype client.

Stay safe out there!