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Cyberlete: Gamers First
15 min readMar 22, 2022


Cyberlete -The Evolution of eSports

3.30.2022 // Version 7.0

Authors: Geoffrey Maunus and James Stolte


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One third of the world’s population, approximately 3.2 billion gamers, played video games in 2021. The gaming industry has exploded into a 3 trillion dollar behemoth where AAA game development studios have Hollywood blockbuster budgets. Much of this growth is driven by competitive gaming, eSports, which draws both large crowds and large private investments. However, the growth in eSports has also created inequity and regulatory confusion with the balkanization of gaming competitions. Competitions and leagues apply vastly different rulesets to govern competition while applying subpar technology to enforce competition integrity and prevent cheating. Aside from technical issues, many tournament organizers have proven themselves unscrupulous and left gamers wondering when, or if at all, they will receive their competition prizes. We propose a fair gaming competitive network, Cyberlete, to deter cheating, DDoS attacks, and other malicious activities. Our first and foremost focus is on the gamer, ranging from casual to professional. Cyberlete provides an equitable platform which provides fair and secure gaming experiences with codified rules and rewards.


Cyberlete aims to be the premier gaming partner of the industry setting world wide standards. Cyberlete is not just a gaming company but a strategic leader within our online communities and local events. Through our focus on serving the gaming communities, strengthening social development, and promoting healthy living responsibilities, our mission will ensure fair gaming and healthy online communities.

Cyberlete is the world’s first fair gaming ecosystem which combines secure user owned proof of identity with an interoperable high integrity social platform. We are creating a set of global standards for leagues, events, and regenerative communities. Before the blockchain, the internet was centralized and open to malicious attacks that inherently diminished the competitive fairness of all video games. Our decentralized network exists on a scalable blockchain network that operates through the verification of data types. This enables Cyberlete to verify and validate complex data traveling through our network. Our software aims to prevent cheating via proprietary anti-cheat software, verify player identities without compromising their data, and provide protection against DDoS. Additionally, Cyberlete uses web3 tools alongside “smart contracts” on the Constellation Network to ensure players are paid, that tournament organizers are trustworthy, and to create an online community where players can earn, buy, and trade NFTs while competing for prizes all while making new friends and creating priceless relationships.

In order to prevent bad actors from creating multiple accounts, all competitive participants will be required to KYC. User data is not stored on a specific device but throughout the blockchain. This gives users control of the data they own.

By restoring player faith in the competitive gaming space, we can achieve rapid growth; benefiting Cyberlete, our investors, and the gaming community as a whole.

eSports Triangle

The gamers participating in our ecosystem inherently become fans, streamers, and broadcasters. Fans love watching and supporting the games they’re playing. Streamers love showing their skills and building community. Broadcasters love sharing their visions of eSports and passion for their beloved games. Creating this triangle of gamers, fans, and entertainers will start a foundation to build a thriving ecosystem for 33% of the world.


The Metaverse, an interconnected 3D world combining virtual and augmented reality into a social experience, is poised to become more integrated into the world’s business and leisure experiences. Games like Decentraland, Grand Theft Auto, and Second Life have provided an early look into virtual lifestyles with functioning economies, intellectual property, and social events. Now companies like Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft are entering the space to integrate more of our daily lives into the metaverse and provide platforms for innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, these new experiences come with risks of abuse, unethical automation, harassment, and scamming. Cyberlete is ideally positioned to mitigate and help solve many of these risks through our KYC/Biometric user trust system and blockchain based reputation system. Our gaming AI/ML based gaming anti-cheat is also suitable to be deployed in the metaverse to identify unethical automation.

The Cyberlete application will create a go-to gamer experience with an easy to join league for competitive gamers to earn rewards with a defined path for league participation for every team. This gamer ecosystem encourages social responsibility and sportsmanship while providing all the tools for continued success. Can you be the best human?

“Graphics are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any current relationships between the Company, on the one hand, and such communities or third parties, on the other hand. This illustrative information is not intended to serve as, and must not be relied on by any recipient as, a guarantee, an assurance, a prediction or a definitive statement of fact or probability of any such relationships occurring.


Artificial Intelligence powered Anti-Cheat

Cyberlete has developed a novel proprietary cross platform Anti-Cheat (AC) technology. As opposed to other mainstream Anti-Cheat engines which all attempt to prevent cheating on the client side, the Cyberlete AC uses extensive game specific data collection to create a big data stream of in-game events which are then processed in the Cyberlete AC Artificial Intelligence Cloud (CACAIC). The CACAIC processes all user generated game events such as character movement and user interactions like firing a weapon. The mass collection of these game events provide CACAIC invaluable data points which are used to continually train our AI/ML systems to be able to identify and categorize player behavior. For example, humans move their in-game characters in a predictable but non-linear stochastic fashion, while cheat program assisted game characters generally move in very linear paths.

The Cyberlete Anti-Cheat platform can be applied to virtually every game and application where automation is a threat to system integrity.

Constellation Network

The Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) runs on a DAG consensus model. The data processing and contract execution on the hypergraph is facilitated by statechannels.

Statechannels: are the equivalent of smart contracts and are in fact mini-DAG networks running their own consensus which in turn are validated by the HGTP mainnet.

This architecture ensures high transaction throughput, allowing for enterprise grade distributed applications to be built on Constellation.

Why blockchain

Instant payment for gamers and the artists

-Eliminate wait times of up to 7 months for your reward as a gamer or artist


-Users are more concerned about their data security than ever before-Allows gamers to be in control of their own data


-All transactions are available on the public ledger


-Helps deliver a valuable service without adding latency to the users experience

Allows growth with web3

Allows the creation of a “non-fungible-trophies system”

-Cyberlete trophies are NFT’s that are tradable on the network. Creating a Non-Fungible Trophy for clients to win. Gamers who are participating in playoffs and for fans who support the ecosystem.

Building Cyberletes’ application on the same secured protocol as the US Department of Defense will give access to top tier cyber security protocols to protect the integrity of the ecosystem.

“If someone was able to hack the US Department of Defense: Why would they bother cheating in a video game?”

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip is a secure crypto-processor that is designed to carry out cryptographic operations. Virtually every motherboard manufactured after 2016 is TPM enabled and provides Secure Boot to fight exploiters and prevent untrusted malicious code from compromising machines. All Cyberlete clients run in a TPM environment to gain verified “Cyberlete” status.

Problem and Solution

Since the early 2000s, fraudulent tournament organizers have been pervasive in the competitive gaming community. Recently, an illegitimate tournament was filled with AI bots masquerading as legitimate professional players and teams while none of the registered and qualified teams actually appeared. In a similar fashion, bad actors and cheaters have created multiple identities and software’s to trick the system and exploit gaming competitions. As an example, a professional Counter-Strike (CS:GO) player known as “Forsaken” was caught cheating during the ZOWIE Asia tournament in 2018. These cheating groups are using software such as aimbots and wall hacks to compromise competition integrity and steal rewards from honest players while creating a highly profitable “bad actor” marketplace. Unfortunately, this type of behavior has led to a loss of trust in the gaming ecosystem and fostered a highly toxic environment. This is especially true in online league and tournament play where cheating is rampant. Until now, there has been no central authority in eSports to implement rules, regulations, and the appropriate technology to ensure fair game play.

Payment System

The Cyberlete Network enables the creation of leagues and events with attached and codified prize pools. This prize pool is a pre-funded statechannel (smart contract) that has the function to payout the teams, players, and entertainers (streamers) automatically once the preset parameters have been met. This payout system is completely decentralized and provides a high integrity trustless reward system that has no single point of failure.

Rules and Regulations

Cyberletes’ Official rule book provides rules and regulations for every athlete and team to follow which caters to a fair competitive community with sportsmanship, respect, and integrity while bringing a structured environment to eSports to help regulate top tier competitive gaming. As eSports grows, these standard blueprints will create an evolving ecosystem for the gamer which can be amended to remain future proof.

Local Events & Tournaments

The current pandemic limits the access to events worldwide and our solution is giving access to a top tier ecosystem that will help evolve esports, regulate, and create a safe home for the ever growing community.

DDoS attacks & other malicious activity

DDoS attacks are carried out on networks of compromised internet connected devices allowing them to be controlled remotely by an attacker while flooding the target resulting in a denial-of-service. This could ruin a team’s chance at winning a funded tournament while delegitimizing the tournament organizer. An application will be used to formally verify unknown data on the network to validate and separate the data types, eliminating the problem before it starts.

Team Creation

Clients that go through the verification process and become a “Cyberlete account” will obtain access to create teams with like minded individuals to compete in various leagues that are structured for competitive video games. Our mission is to create the first gaming ecosystem that gives value to the gamers, eSports athletes, while creating a sustainable ecosystem with tokenomics that rewards the players, fans, and artists.

Parental Controls

Educating the ecosystem will help keep clients safer online and offline. Helpful information will be available to help parents navigate the system and grant access to secure their child’s profile while promoting a healthy lifestyle balance.

Developer Operations

Cyberlete is a gaming and technology company which relies on optimizing its DevOps to deliver our high quality gaming products on time and with predictable budgets. Our agile development process and cloud based gaming platform enable us to quickly develop and launch new gaming modules at scale. The Cyberlete Anti-Cheat Artificial Intelligence Cloud is adaptive and big data driven with minimal maintenance requirements post game module launch. The cloud deployments are automatically adjusted in real time and resources are allocated and unallocated to provide an optimized player experience while efficiently managing costs.


Token Economics: Introducing the $LEET token

The $LEET token will be required by all parties to transact within the Cyberlete ecosystem. The tokenomics have been designed to ensure early adopters are rewarded without pricing newer participants out of the ecosystem.

$LEET Token Utility


New users will receive $LEET tokens as rewards to encourage their journey into the ecosystem. These rewards will come from the Platform Tokens Pool.

For example:

1. New users will receive $LEET tokens on completing KYC. This will also reward their early participation as a minimum stake of $Leet tokens will be required to participate in esports competitions. Rewards will be pegged to $10.

2. Cyberletes are encouraged to use our biometric feature; provided by Finnovant, to create a secure personal account, this will earn them further $LEET equivalent to $10.

3. Cyberletes attracting others to the ecosystem will earn both themselves and the new user $10 equivalent of $LEET.

As the number of Cyberletes grows, more of the platform rewards will be unlocked. The number of users is conservatively estimated to be 10,000 by the 6 month mark.Once the Platform Tokens Pool is fully distributed new users will need to purchase $LEET from the open market in order to participate in the ecosystem.


Users will also be able to stake their $LEET to:

  • Allow access to prize pools
  • Earn an APY by facilitating DATA throughput (Bandwidth Pool)

Prize pools

The $LEET prize pools will be funded by tournament organizers, game developers, advertisers, and sponsors who will need to purchase $LEET using fiat currency. This will be facilitated by Cyberlete Inc so that those organizations who do not want to deal with cryptocurrencies and the inherent custodial issues are not excluded from participating. Higher and longer staking periods and amounts will allow access to larger rewards pools or a larger prize. Staking will be for a period of 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

The $LEET prize pools will be automated and secured via statechannel smart contracts. Once the prize pool is full, teams or individuals may register and begin play. Once the competition is complete the results will be verifiably published and payments will be instant and automatic. This also includes rewarding the non-competitive participants such as artists, shoutcasters, streamers, and other entertainers.

Bandwidth Pool

In order to run data through the hypergraph network, it is necessary to stake DAG tokens or equivalent $LEET tokens to a liquidity pool. As throughput increases, the required number of staked tokens increases. The incentive for staking will be in the form of an APR paid in $LEET tokens. The starting APR will be 20%. This will be revised higher or lower as bandwidth requirements rise or fall. The tokens for this will come from the Staking reward pool. Cyberlete LLC will use a percentage of the $LEET competition rewards to replenish the pool.

Who will use $LEET

Gamers can:

  • Stake to play in competitions
  • Purchase in app merchandise including gaming peripherals
  • Exchange for an upgrade to their console or PC
  • Donate their $LEET tokens to others on the platform (like their favorite player or team)
  • Hold $LEET in their accounts to unlock discounts for in-app purchases (0% — 10%)

Tournament organizers will need $LEET to:

  • Fund prize money: Cyberlete certified event hosts will provide various amounts as prize money to pools
  • Host events in the future

Game developers

Subscription as a Service Model providing access to

  • Anti-Cheat technology
  • Cyberlete graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Cyberlete API and data technology


  • To advertise to gamers, companies must stake X amount of $LEET token


  • Create spectator passes to view Cyberlete events within the metaverse

Private and Public Sale

Seed $0.000030 = 6,316,666,666.67 $LEET Tokens — Raise $189,500

IDO $0.000077777777 =1,506,975,879 $LEET Tokens — Raise $120,834.32

Total Raise: $310,334.32 from the sale of 7,823,642,545.67 $LEET

MarketCap at launch $787,030.92

Token Platform rewards will be capped at 500 million per month. The maximum has been factored into the distribution model below but the actual amount is likely to be less. Early adopters will be rewarded by receiving more tokens for KYC and biometric identification. Additionally rewards will be higher in the first month and gradually reduce over time.

A minimum of 37 billion and a maximum of 49 billion tokens will enter circulation in the first 24 months depending on the platform reward take up. The expected distribution of platform rewards is designed to align with user growth until the ceiling is met and all rewards are released around the 24 month mark at which point full adoption is anticipated.


Online competitive leagues such as ESEA and FaceIt have helped sustain a small eSports ecosystem by hosting online leagues and tournaments for a limited number of games with their own, often ineffective, proprietary anti-cheat technologies. Cyberlete is entering the market to provide gaming leagues and tournaments for all competitive games while securing the games with our novel scalable AI/ML based anti-cheat technology. Unlike other leagues, Cyberlete rewards the players not only for their performance but also for blockchain based data consent. Consent, integrity, and transparency are our key tenets and we want our users to feel valued within our community instead of exploited as they have been in the past; in 2013, ESEA was fined for abusing their user gaming clients to secretly mine bitcoin. It is Cyberlete’s mission to provide a scalable platform to provide a career ramp for gamers of all proficiency levels, from hobbyist to professional contract player. We are aggressively onboarding PC players and are excited to bring our platform to Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox players in the future through a mobile based app experience.

Review of Team

Cyberlete’s co-founders have a very unique skill-set separating them from the rest of the flock.

James Stolte (CEO), co-founded the first large scale social media website for gamers in 2006–2011. He has always believed the average gamer should be getting paid for utilizing a platform. Excellent work track record apprentice to journeyman rebuilding railcars, along with elected roles such as Treasure, co-chairman and president of his local. His inspiration comes from an early childhood of competitive league gaming 1999–2011 playing at the highest level and was an anti-cheat admin for an online league. James’ created the largest steam gaming community for his city, and has participated and ran dozens of gaming events.

Geoffrey Maunus (CFO), an artist, a gamer, and a medically retired Marine that took his passion of eSports and collided it with the idea of building on “blockchain” to create a safe cheat free home for gamers. Using his past experience of being a competitive gamer for the last 20 years from amatuer to professional to help Cyberlete create a home that players will receive and understand; to help establish regulations, and to help the legitimacy of eSports.

Cyberlete was created out of passion to evolve eSports in 2018. Friends of 20 years with 50+ years of competitive eSports experience.


We purpose the creation of the first fair gaming ecosystem called Cyberlete to deter and monitor participating clients actions to prevent bad actors for eSports. Combining secure, user owned, proof of identity with an interoperable social platform. Rewarding not only the pro gamer but the casual gamer. Data managed by a decentralized community governance, Cyberlete Inc