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CyberMiles Foundation recommends that users withdraw their tokens from the exchanges to their own decentralized cryptocurrency wallets, and keep them safe.

Cryptocurrency asset is stored with a public address coupled with a private key. Whoever gets the private key will be the owner. If users keep the private key themselves, there might be the risk of forgetting or losing the private key. With CyberMiles app you can store your CMT securely and only need to remember a password you set.

Today’s tutorial has 5 parts:

  1. How to download CyberMiles App
  2. How to create your CMT wallet address
  3. How to backup your CMT wallet address
  4. How to delete and recover your CMT wallet
  5. How to make transactions with your wallet

I. How to download the CyberMiles App

The download link:

After downloading, please install the app.

If it is the IOS enterprise version, you need to go to “Settings” — “General” — “Device Management”. Select the CyberMiles, click Trust, then you can successfully log in App. For Android users or users who download from AppStore, it is simply that open the App after installation.

II. How to create your CyberMiles wallet address

  1. There are two options: “Import Wallet” and “Create Wallet”. After opening the wallet, select “Create Wallet”.

2. After the wallet is created, the service agreement of the CMT wallet is displayed. Click “AGREE” to enter the page where the wallet is successfully created.

3. Click“ ENTER” to enter the wallet homepage.

4. The wallet homepage.

5. Set a password: Click “Set Password” in the upper right corner to enter the “Set Password” page. Do not forget your password!

6. Backup mnemonic: Click “Please Backup” and enter your password to enter the mnemonic backup page. Please copy your mnemonic and put it in a secure place. It is recommended to backup several copies. Then click “Next” to take you to the mnemonic confirmation page.

7. Mnemonic confirmation: Please select your mnemonic words in order, and confirm to complete the mnemonic backup.

Please note: The system only asks you to make a simple confirmation. When you remember your mnemonic words, you must ensure the correct order and spelling of the words, because one day you might need to restore the wallet with them.

III. How to backup your CyberMiles wallet address

We must make a backup for the wallet in order to recover it in the following case.

  • CyberMiles wallet has been deleted
  • Lost/damaged cell phone

The current version of CyberMiles provides three backup methods: A. Mnemonic backup (explained and operated in the II part); B. Keysotre backup; C. Private key backup

A wallet consists of two parts: a public key and a private key.

The public key: It’s the wallet address. Once there is the wallet address, users can receive cryptos It’s equivalent to knowing the house number so you can send something to that address; The private key: Users need a private key to transfer cryptocurrency out of their wallets. It’s equivalent to the key to the house, so users can take things out of the house. Mnemonic = Private Key = Keystore + Password

3.1 Notes for mnemonic backup

1. Write down your mnemonic words accurately. Keep them in a secure place.

2. We suggest you do not take screenshots. There have been cases of someone who took screenshots of their mnemonic and had their account hacked.

3. Mnemonic words are very important. With mnemonic words, the user can restore (generate) wallet and reset their password. Anyone can transfer the assets from the wallet if they know the mnemonic words.

Recommended storage methods:

  1. Copy it in a notebook and lock it in a secure place at home.
  2. In an offline environment, record the mnemonic word to Excel or other text. You can encrypt it, and store it on a USB flash drive.

(Both mobile phones and computers must be disconnected from the Internet. Because no one can guarantee that their phone or computer is completely safe.)

3.2 Back up by Keystore

1. Click “Profile”-“Manage Wallet”-“My wallet”, enter the “My Wallet” page

2. Click the “wallet name” to modify the wallet name; Click “Modify Password” to change the password; Click “Export Keystore”, and enter the password. After entering the correct password, there will be the page for the private key backup displayed, as shown in the picture below. Click “Copy Keystore”, iPhone will recommend using your own memo and copy it to the memo or other documents.

Suggestion: Do not use email, WeChat, or other similar channels to back up.

3.3:Back up with the private key

1. Click “Profile”-“Manage Wallet”-“My Wallet”, enter the “My Wallet” page.

2. Click “Export Private Key”. Enter the password and the private key can be exported.

Suggestion: It is suggested to write down the private key in a notebook.

IV. How to delete and recover your CyberMiles wallet

4.1 Delete wallet

1. Click“Profile”-“Manage Wallet”-“My Wallet”, enter the “My Wallet” page

2. Click “Delete Wallet”, and enter the password. If the password is correct, the wallet will be deleted successfully.

4.2 Recover (import) wallet

There are three ways to recover the wallet: A. Mnemonic words import into the wallet B. Keystore imports the wallet C. Import the private key into the wallet

4.2.1 Mnemonic words

1. Click“Profile”-“Manage Wallet”, and enter the “Manage Wallet” page

2. Click “Import”, and enter the “Recover Wallet” page. You will see there are three options:

  1. Mnemonic; 2. Private Key; 3. Keystore

Now, chose the first option: Mnemonic. a. Enter the 12 mnemonic words copied before, separate with spaces b. Mnemonic Source: This can be left blank or just choose any. c. Enter a wallet named. After re-entering and confirming the password, click “Start Import”. If the information is correct, you can see the wallet on the “Manage Wallet” page.

4.2.2 Keystore

It is similar to the backup by mnemonic. In the “Import Wallet” page, select “Keystore”, paste the Keystore information that was backed up before.

Click “Start Import”. If the information is correct, you can see the new wallet on the “Manage Wallet” page.

4.2.3 The private key

It is similar to the backup by mnemonic. In the “Import Wallet” page, select “Private Key”, and set the wallet name, reset the password, click “Start Import”. If the information is correct, you can see the new wallet on the “Manage Wallet” page.

V. How to make transactions with your digital wallet

After owning your wallet, how to make transactions with your digital wallet? In fact, it’s as simple as a bank transfer.

Suppose you send some money to a friend via your bank card, then you can do as follows: a. Open the mobile App of the bank; b. Fill in the receiver’s bank account details; c. Enter the amount you want to transfer out; d. Enter your password; e. Transfer completed! If you want to pay with your wallet, the process is very similar to a bank transfer.

5.1 How to transfer cryptocurrency with your wallet, using CMT as an example

1. Open your CyberMiles, select the wallet you want to use and you will see the “Assets’” page. Select the cryptocurrency you want to transfer out(CMT), then jump to the following page, it will be displayed the past transfer records:

2. Click “Send” to jump to the transfer page;

You can scan the payee’s QR code or paste his/her wallet address to fill out the payee’s wallet address;

Fill in the amount to be transferred in the transfer amount column;

Make notes in the note column, easy to ask for confirmation with the payee.

3. Click “Next”. Enter your password, then the transfer will be carried out. The transfer time is about 2–3 seconds. After the transfer is successful, it jumps to the transfer record page.

5.2 How to receive cryptocurrency with your wallet

Receiving and transferring is a reverse process, as long as you provide the receiving address, the other party can transfer the cryptocurrency to the wallet.

1. Open CyberMiles, select a wallet you need, and go to the “Assets” page; Select the currency to be transferred out (CMT), jump to the following page, there will be the transfer record page jumped.

2. Click“Receive”, jump to the “Receiving” page. Paste the wallet address or send the screenshot of the QR code to the sender.

The address can be made public.

If you see the receipt record in the transfer record, the transfer is successful!



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