CyberMiles Community Update (mid-April 2018)

5,000m up: Part of our CyberMiles community pictured scaling Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Wish ’em luck!

1. CyberMiles founder advising world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine

Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, has a new advisor in Dr. Lucas Lu, a founding member of the CyberMiles Foundation. Lucas previously founded mobile marketplace leader, 5miles, as well as co-founded NYSE-listed e-commerce site, LightInTheBox. This news is the latest in a growing list of emerging tech to tap into the CyberMiles team’s expertise. Join the Egretia community on Telegram.

Meet Alice and Bob, your guides to CyberMiles’ Smart Contract-based possibilities

2. Introducing more CyberMiles Smart Contract-based use cases

A next frontier in the wild, wild world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology: use cases—those elusive, practical and scalable examples of crypto and blockchain tech that mainstream circles more readily can apply and adopt. The new possibilities in currency exchange, data management, e-commerce, and supply chain are awesome. Check ‘em out on YouTube.

3. On demand: Travis, CyberMiles’ first TestNet conference

The CyberMiles team recently did a live stream with the results of our TestNet, known as Travis. Dr. Lucas Lu, CEO; Dr. Michael Yuan, Chief Scientist; Timothy McCallum, Core Developer; and Dr. Marc Fleury, a key advisor, shared insights and an overview of the CyberMiles features that are operational in TestNet and that will be fully released with our MainNet (ETA: Q3 2018). CyberMiles aims to revolutionize e-commerce by adding the best of blockchain, namely smart, fast, safe, free. Watch now on YouTube.

CyberMiles’ Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Yuan with Carnegie Mellon University tech summit’s blockchain panel

4. Out and about: Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, etc.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continue to be white-hot topics of conversation, both on college campuses and at tech and other conferences worldwide. Representing CyberMiles at many of these is Dr. Michael Yuan (@juntao) who, just this month, has spoken at Dallas Startup Week; Lendit in San Francisco; and at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

On topics ranging from ‘blockchain technology in business today’ to the ‘tokenization of e-commerce,’ Michael reiterated that “CyberMiles is fully compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. All existing and future Ethereum tools, smart contracts and applications will be able to run on CyberMiles.”

Dr. Michael Yuan appearing at Lendit, the world’s leading event in Financial Services Innovation

5. New Chief Technology Officer joins the CyberMiles Foundation

ICYMI: CyberMiles has welcomed Robert Li, a Silicon Valley veteran, as CTO. Robert joined the CyberMiles Foundation’s leadership team after successful stints as lead engineer at eBay, senior R&D manager at eBay’s China Development Center, and at Google in Shanghai. Li’s background includes strong, broad technical and managerial experience in e-commerce, as well as in the fintech, Internet financing and search industries.

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