CyberMiles Community Update (mid-December 2018)

Visualizing our 2019–20 roadmap, a new Hong Kong financial partnership, a hackathon workshop in Taiwan, and more!

1. 20/20 Vision: On the Road to Mass Adoption

In this month’s newsletter, we teased our 2019–20 roadmap. Now we have visualized upcoming milestones following our MainNet release, Genesis Validator (Supernode) program, CMT Cube and CMT Wallet launches, etc.:

2. CyberMiles Joins the Hong Kong OTC and the Association for Financial Technology Development

“Fintech” always has been highly valued in Hong Kong, with bright prospects. To this end, the CyberMiles Foundation has joined the Hong Kong OTC and the Association for Financial Technology Development (OFDA) to share its expertise with the city-state’s financial, brokerage and legal institutions.

As a system technology expert, CyberMiles will complement the OFDA’s current structure with blockchain technology knowledge, providing the organization with additional, workable application scenarios.

Furthermore, this partnership will leverage Hong Kong’s financial landscape, already known to be one of the major financial centers in the world. Read all about it on or here on Medium.

3. CyberMiles Organizes Hackathon in Taiwan

This month the CyberMiles Developers Group, Hackathon Taiwan and Kashangda Venture Gas Station organized a workshop for developers in Taiwan.

Opening remarks at this event were given by Alex Lau, one of our Core Developers, who touched on the current situation of CyberMiles and our blockchain.

CyberMiles’ Alex Lau (left) and Wistron’s Wesley Tsai (right) address blockchain developers in Taipei

The workshop consisted of a two-part lecture by blockchain lecturers, Wesley Tsai and Ca Chen, the first of whom debriefed the audience on TestNet Node and Metamask. The second half, by contrast, centered on DApp and Truffle framework.

A full recap of the event (in Chinese) can be found here.

4. CyberMiles Featured in Block Journal

CyberMiles is featured in the year-end edition of Block Journal. Here’s a peak at what to find inside this month’s issue:

CyberMiles’ accomplishments to-date

Cover Story: One-on-one interview with maverick, John McAfee

Top Five: Projects to keep an eye on in 2019

What’s Happening in Asia: The latest crypto news from the Far East

Event Review: Singapore Fintech Week

Hard Fork Drama: What the hell happened with Bitcoin Cash?

A Crypto Christmas: Blockchain gifts for the holiday season

5. COBINHOOD and CyberMiles’ Special CMT Offer

Vote for COBINHOOD’s cube and share an image of it on CyberMiles’ Telegram until Dec. 19, and you’ll receive a special compensation rate of 70 percent. Don’t forget to hashtag #cybermilesxcobinhood in your post!

Note: COBINHOOD will use *only* @COBINHOOD_CS account to contact you, so please be aware of/avoid scams.

For full rules, check out COBINHOOD’s Twitter.

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