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About CyberWorld and the Team:

CyberWorld is a blockchain NFT marketplace jointly built by CyberMiles and Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd.(NASDAQ: SINO). It is developed and maintained by a decentralized team of open-source software developers with the CyberMiles Foundation.

CyberMiles is pivoting to NFT as its core ecosystem development focus and forging ahead, aiming to bridge the blockchain and real world. After several years in stealth mode, CyberMiles’ leading NFT marketplace and products to solve the current pain points in the NFT field based on a strong high-performance public blockchain and collaborative engineering team will become a self-driven growth protocol that is constantly optimized and iterated to pioneer the development of NFT and blockchain.

CyberWorld Latest Updates:

CyberWorld V1.0 launched in May 2021. Cyberworld. finance allows users to create NFTs, buy NFT from other users, or participate in an auction. CyberWorld also has NFT data analysis and ranking functions to help users better understand the trends from the market. CyberWorld V1.0 only implemented CyberWorld’s most essential features.

The V2.0 is currently being developed and tested and to launch in September with transformational features as following:

The launch of the CyberWorld V1.0 airdrop campaign and CyberWorld Genesis Series NFTs was a huge success in June. Over 100,000 addresses won CMTs and some lucky winners have got CyberWorld. A total of 114,300 CMT were successfully issued to users using a powerful token distributing tool developed by CyberMiles’ Engineer. The token distribution tool allows the adjusting of various parameters, such as simply uploading a form can easily send tokens to a large number of addresses accurately. It can be used for the distribution of all Ethereum- compatible cryptocurrencies.

  1. CyberWold embedded into CyberMiles mobile app. Users can mint and buy NFT in the app. Get the CyberMiles App in the App Store or click to downloaded.
  2. CyberWorld’s stable currency “Dimond (Do)” will be available at an exchange rate of 1:1 with USDT.
  3. The marketplace is migrated from BSC blockchain to the CyberMiles with enables zero gas cost, which differentiates CyberMiles from OpenSea or other marketplaces.

CyberWorld V3.0 will be further upgraded to attract creators to use CyberWorld to mint NFT. CyberWorld V3.0 will make it even easier for everyone to mint or get an NFT. CyberWorld V3.0 will have the following features:

  1. For potential buyers: CyberWorld will allow users to purchase directly by credit card.
  2. For content creators: CyberWorld will develop an NFT airdrop distribution tool for creators, making it easy for creators to generate NFTs and give them to fans.

These features will attract more artists and other users and will be optimized based on user feedback. In addition, we also have ongoing articles about NFT on CyberMiles’ blog to update users with the latest trends. Going forward, CyberWorld plans to cooperate with Naruto’s Studio and illustration artist communities to build CyberWorld into an efficient, low-cost transaction NFT marketplace to help creators attract more supporters.

Meet the needs:

CyberWorld prioritizes artists and other creators as its core users, providing a great way for creators to sell their works without the intermediary of physical galleries. With an email registered account, you can make artworks into NFTs and give or sell works to supporters.

  1. Fans maintenance. Creators who mint their NFTs on CyberWorld can transfer them directly to others. In the future, CyberWorld’s airdrop feature will allow content creators to mass-produce NFTs and send them to subscribers and fans via email. This will increase the engagement and interaction between creators and fans;
  2. Monetization. Artists can sell their NFT on the platform through bidding or auction. NFT empower creators with the ability to recreate. The real realization of fans and subscribers do not need galleries, intermediaries, and other third-party platforms can directly buy artists’ works on the Internet, reducing the cost of art distribution.
  3. Psychological satisfaction. For the artist, generating NFT is surfing at forefront of the digital and innovative world. It is a manifestation of following trends, making the artist a trendsetter in the digital world. For the fans or supporters, each NFT is an immutable and unique presence on the blockchain. Owning NFT will let them a sense of satisfaction that other mediums can’t bring. And digital collections may allow more ordinary users to realize the dream of owning an art collection.

Digital art in NFT is the future. CyberWorld offers solutions for artists to deliver the best NFT experience. There will be personalized NFT programs and support for specific needs.

Perks to joining now:

  1. Creators will be given CMTs to mint and sell NFT, making CyberWorld completely free to use.
  2. Guide the creators through all the steps. And these steps are easy to follow.
  3. Media resources. CyberMiles Twitter account, with around 350,000 followers, will feature the NFTs of the artists and help promote their NFTs; Telegram…and Medium readership….
  4. Provide NFT distribution tools for creators, enabling them to mint many NFTs at one time and give out to their fans;
  5. Money reward. A total of $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency will be given away to creators to incentivize trading and sharing.

Advantages of CyberWorld:

CyberWorld is the perfect marketplace for artists.

Firstly, CyberWorld values the creation of artists and encourages creativity. Our goal is to provide artists with a platform to connect with and maintain their supporters. Also, it can be a tool for creators to make a living. They can publish NFT by themselves without relying on third-party intermediaries such as traditional art galleries. And NFTs can be created in the digital world. As a result, NFT will be a more sustainable and predictable form of business.

Secondly, the engineering team has a strong background in the blockchain. The team has been engaged in blockchain, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and art for many years and has rich experience. The smart contract and NFT code have been certified by Certik to ensure the security of the code and protect the interests of every participant.

Thirdly, answering the needs of users, the marketplace is being optimized over time. For example, CyberWorld migrated from BSC to CyberMiles, addressing users’ concern over high trading costs, as well as TPS limitations. To make it even more user-friendly, anyone with an email address can receive NFT airdrops, and detailed text and video tutorials will be provided. CyberWorld will soon allow users to purchase with their credit cards.

Lastly, CyberWorld’s upcoming V2.0 and V3.0 releases will be developed from an artist’s perspective and needs. We’re researching on Patreon, Instagram, and Reddit to address the concerns of artists. CyberWorld boasts great media and NFT/ crypto field resources, with different channels covering millions of followers (350,000 followers on CyberMiles’ Twitter alone).

Join us:

CyberWorld is looking for creators interested in minting their works into NFTs and so as to be bought and saved as digital collectibles. Being a painter, photographer, video creator, or programmer, CyberWorld would like to invite you to try out CyberWorld. Any creator who would like to join us to build the best NFT marketplace, please fill out the form so we will reach out.

If you have any questions about generating your own NFTs and sell or give them out, we are here to help. CyberWorld will be your most powerful supporter and your best option. CyberWorld will deliver a unique experience!

Visit CyberMiles Github to learn about the open source developers behind CyberMiles Blockchain software:

Visit CyberMiles block explorer to see the validators of CyberMiles blockchain infrastructure who are responsible for maintaining the network and verifying the transactions on the blockchain:



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