CyberPay Payment User Guide

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4 min readOct 13, 2021


CyberPay is the payment service of CyberWorld NFT marketplace. USDT can be exchanged 1:1 with Diamond and exchanged back. We will allow the purchase of Diamond with a credit card (USD) soon.

Note: Diamond (shortened as DO) is a stable cryptocurrency issued by CyberWorld and pegged to USD to allow users to trade NFT on CyberWorld. 1 Diamond = 1 USD = 1 USDT. This guide will talk about 1:How to use USDT to exchange for Diamond 2: How to use Diamond to exchange for USDT

Part 1: How to use USDT to exchange for Diamond

Users can deposit USDT (ERC20) in the exchange or wallet to the platform, and then the platform will give the user the same worth of Diamond. 1: Open the CyberMiles App (Download link), tap the “NFT” in the middle, and then select CyberPay to enter the CyberPay homepage.

2:Enter “Exchange Diamond”. Here the user deposits a certain amount of USDT into the wallet address, and he will receive the equivalent amount of Diamond.

3:You can see the exchange record in history.

4: In the asset of the Wallet, you can see Diamond transaction history

Note: ·Exchange rate: 1 USDT = 1 Diamond. Deposit USDT to Diamond. The amount will be the received amount of USDT. ·Do not deposit any non-ERC20 USDT assets into the USDT address, otherwise the assets can not be recovered. ·After you deposit USDT to the above address. We have to wait for the network validator to confirm. And the exchanged Diamond will be deposited into the account. You can see the transaction details in the record. You can see the amount of Diamond received in the wallet. ·Minimum deposit amount: 1 USDT. Any deposit smaller than 1 USDT will not be credited to the account and cannot be refunded. ·Your deposit address does not change, to which you can always deposit USDT to exchange for Diamond; If any change occurs, you will be notified in the message center!

Part 2: Use Diamond to exchange for USDT

Users can exchange Diamond for USDT via CyberPay 1: Tap “Exchange USDT” to enter the USDT exchange page

2: Enter the exchange amount, and the received amount is automatically displayed. Enter the address to receive ERC20 USDT (the address is ERC20 compatible). Click on “Exchange”, and you will be directed to confirm the amount, transaction fee, and other information. Tap “Confirm” and enter the payment page.

3:Tap “Next”, the pop-up window “Enter password“. If the password is correct, tap “OK” to enter the success page.

4: The exchanged token is received in time. If the amount exceeds 10000 Diamond, the risk control mechanism will be triggered. If the amount exceeds the daily limit, it will be released the next day. Tap “Exchange Record” to view the exchange record, tap “continue” to make the further exchange.

5: You can see the transaction details in the exchange record. If completed, the “Exchange Status” turns to “Completed”.

Note: Each address can exchange Diamond up to 5 times per day. The cap for the total exchange amount per day is 100,000 Diamond. The minimum for each transaction is 200 Diamond. The maximum for each transaction is 10,000 Diamond.

·The receiving address is the ERC20_USDT address. Please check and review the address carefully before exchanging, otherwise, it may cause asset loss and cannot be retrieved.



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